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5 Things to Know Before Buying Crew Socks

The best thing about the crew socks is that they are very versatile. You can wear the crew socks with a dress for athletics or casual wear. The only difference is that there are different types of crew socks, and you can choose the one according to your needs. If you believe in picking up any socks, we will change the way you shop by the time we reach the end of this page. Today, we will tell you about five things that you must know before you buy crew socks. Go ahead and check out the pointers below.

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#1. Length of Crew Socks

 You will find the crew socks of varying length; however, as per a standard, the crew socks are between 6 inches to 8 inches from the heel to the top. You may also come across ¼ and ¾ crew socks, which are popular options. Don’t confuse the crew socks with the ankle socks, as the ankle socks are shorter than the crew socks. Often ¼ crew socks are referred to as micro crew socks. Most people prefer the ¾ or the full crew socks depending on the occasion. So, when buying the crew socks, pay attention to the size of the crew socks.

#2. Material of Crew Socks

 If you look at the standard type of crew socks, then as per the thumb rule, it is supposed to be made using 100% cotton. However, if you look at the most modern-day brands, they have started shifting from cotton to a blend of cotton and polyester. Some of the brands also use spandex. Apart from this, some brands use silk or wool to manufacture crew socks. These two materials are suitable for cold weather, but otherwise, we are in favor of cotton crew socks or the cotton-polyester crew socks.

#3. The Fit of the Crew Socks

 You will find the standard size for the crew socks. The standard size fits the men with a foot size between US 8 and US 12. If you are an outlier, you would have to look for customized crew socks. Otherwise, you should be good with the standard size. Also, the fit of the crew socks should not be uncomfortable, and they should have an optimal length according to your foot. Apart from this, the crew socks are usually slightly thicker, which adds to the comfort when you wear the crew socks for a long time. 

#4. When to Wear Crew Socks

 The best thing about crew socks is that you can wear them on every occasion. You will be able to wear the crew socks with casual wear or wear the crew socks with the dress. The only thing that will change here is the color of the crew socks. Apart from this, you can even wear the crew socks for sports or any other activity. You can choose ¾ crew socks if required, and you can buy cotton crew socks for activewear if your feet get very sweaty. 

#5. Comfort & Grip

Since the crew socks are made of cotton, they can absorb the sweat very well. This makes them a very comfortable option for long days and activewear. Apart from this, the crew socks also secure your shoes properly, so if you want a snug fit, then you should get a nice pair of crew socks. The crew socks also protect your feet from bruises or other physical strain. The grip offered by the crew socks is quite impressive.

These were the things that we wanted to tell you about the crew socks, and we hope this would have changed your perspective towards the crew socks. So, when you buy the crew socks next time, you can check the length, material, and fit apart from just checking the brand of the crew socks. Also, do let us know about your favorite brand of crew socks in the comment section.

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