10 Best Crew Socks For Men & Women 2023 – Reviews & Guide

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Top 3 Picks Crew Socks

#1. Dickies

2#. Gold Toe

#3. Under Armour

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What are crew sock designs? In the fantastic world of men’s & women’s socks, there’s a great range of types, colors, sizes, and – especially – lengths. This particular review looks at the extremely popular crew socks trend, paying tribute to the enormously flexible sock type which rests midway in between the mid-calf as well as ankle at about six to eight inches high. You can buy the crew length socks for the dress, casual wear, and even for athletic wear. Crew length socks are generally 6 to 8 inches long, so the heel measurement is approximately two inches. These crew socks are offered for women & men. Initially, the crew socks have been developed to assist with uniformity with the crew, but as time passes they’ve become popular in choice. Crew socks are generally made out of a heavy material that has ribbed ankles. Cotton is probably the most popular substance utilized in crew socks. An excellent choice of material is satin, so the combination of materials may also be discovered.

Crew length socks, associated with half-calf in male socks, are a crucial component of any person’s wardrobe. They are able to fit all types of styles and looks. Regardless if you are searching for at least one stylish heel or a pair of athletic shoes, you will find all that you need to finish your look with crew socks. You could use them pulled up to appear sensible and business-like, or scrunch them down around your ankle for a more casual feel.

Why Wear Crew Socks?

They’re ideal for using mid or high-top shoes because they could stop them from chafing your lower legs, though they are not usually thought to be as elegant because of taller options. You’ll get crew length socks in each and every shape and size, from little to big. This means everybody is able to take pleasure in the advantages of taking on a pair each morning. In the following paragraphs, we are going to be taking a look at a number of the primary benefits of crew socks and the reason you need to purchase them.

  • The crew socks supply you with an optimum grip, and there’s no way that these socks will slip inside your shoe. Even if you’re jogging, they could provide you with an excellent feeling of trust.
  • The socks which are created by this company soak up a great deal of moisture very well. This even further means dry feet, and therefore you won’t suffer from any sort of smell.
  • An additional excellent point about the crew socks is they’ve additional padding. Cushioning assists you in minimizing the friction between the shoe and the feet, therefore they are usually far more comfortable during a long working day.
  • It is possible to put on crew socks with athletic shoes as well as with formal shoes. They will really feel great. Even if they’re worn for hiking, men and women generally wear crew socks.
  • A lot of people prefer wearing crew socks when they’re exercising, as they offer lots of support. They have an ideal thickness to safeguard your legs, and this’s one thing that makes them perfect for weight lifting.

Best Buy Crew Socks Reviews

From buyer reviews, we notice that crew socks are available in a number of materials from silk to cashmere, polyester, cotton, and bamboo. During the summertime, it is better to choose a lighter material so your feet are able to breathe.

Whenever you put on crew socks, however, they’re a lot more efficient at protecting your lower legs from midges and insects compared to when you’re walking in the country.

Here are more details –

1. Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Crew Socks

Dickies Mens Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks

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Among the most dependable brands offered on the marketplace for crew socks will be Dickies. This’s a brand that’s famous for selling male socks, and they provide a large selection of crew socks. The tenacity of these crew socks is truly remarkable. They’re made with superior fit technology which guarantees you the best possible match. The socks in fact soak up the sweat because it is absorbed by the fibers. Additionally, there are additional ventilation channels that will help enhance the airflow. These socks offer additional support and stability due to the arch compression.

It must be mentioned the heels & toes of the socks are reinforced as these are the 2 aspects that have the most friction. You’ve three size choices offered in these socks, and also you are able to purchase the one based on your shoe size. This specific material is a mix of nylon, cotton, and spandex. It’s composed of 78% cotton as well as 19% polyester. They may be washed in a machine making them useful again. Crew socks are a number of the top-selling socks currently available. Go ahead and take a look at the color choices available here for the purchase.

2. Gold Toe Men’s Cotton Crew Athletic Sock

Gold Toe Mens Cotton Crew Athletic Sock

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With regards to crew socks, cotton is most likely the happiest material. In case you’re searching for socks that are primarily made from cotton, you can check out this listing from Gold Toe. They’re made out of 81% cotton and are sold in packs of six. The remainder of the material consists of 18% nylon as well as one % spandex. These’re imported socks, however, they come with a pull-on closure process which provides them a fantastic grip. You are able to pick between two sizes here. The very first choice is the standard fit, which is for six to 12.5 shoe sizes while the extended variation is for individuals with shoe sizes between 12 as well as 16.

They don’t shrink when they’re washed in a machine, and they’re likewise machine washable. Aside from this, these socks possess fantastic moisture-wicking abilities to keep your feet dry. They’re created out of a really smooth material. The feet are strengthened using the golden material, and you won’t encounter any tears in the crew socks even with the lengthy use. You will find black, white as well as grey color choices available. If you would like a mix of grey, black and white socks, you are able to even buy a multi-color pack. Finally, you have a choice to pick between a pack of six socks along with a pack of 12 socks.

3. Under Armour unisex-adult Crew Socks

Under Armour unisex-adult Charged Cotton 2.0 Crew Socks

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Among the most well-known brands of active footwear sold these days is Under Armour, which makes an excellent selection of crew socks. The look of these socks is unisex and it is available in a number of styles. The colors offered are Black, Red, White, Grey, and Green. Additionally, you have a chance to purchase the various packs of these crew socks. You will see the size tables for these socks on the site. They are available in 3 sizes. These socks are created out of a mixture of 76% cotton, 2 % spandex, and 22 % polyester. This particular material is really long-lasting, and the style of the socks does not fade either. The typical pack size for these socks is size six.

Aside from the specifics mentioned above, you should realize that these socks also include excellent arch support. The arch support is vital for decreasing foot fatigue. There’s sufficient cushioning for you, as well as the socks additionally have the needed flexibility. Should you purchase these crew socks from Under Armour, you won’t need to be worried about the smell because the company utilizes Anti-Odor technology in these socks. They’re out there for an inexpensive price, and therefore it’s a great choice you are able to think about for yourself.

4. Hanes Women’s Big and Tall Cushioned Crew Socks

Hanes Womens Big and Tall Cushioned Crew Socks

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Here’s a set of crew socks that is created just for females. The socks consist of 75% cotton, 1 % nylon, 1 % spandex, 20 % polyester, and 3 % rubber. The blend was created to provide you with the perfect balance of grip and comfort. It is possible to clean these socks by hand or even make use of a machine. Together with the correct amount of cushioning, you’ll feel very comfortable whenever you wear these socks.

The colors offered here are White and Black. It is possible to purchase the one that suits your needs. You’ll discover three size choices available with these. Something nearly everybody loves about these crew socks from Hanes is the fact that they’re made of a very sleek material. Your comfort is additionally enhanced by the soft cotton feeling. The lower part of these crew socks happens to be cushioned. The reinforced heels and toes ensure minimal wear & tear. All these things make them one of the best socks for you, and you can wear them to work or even for the morning jogs. You will not experience the slightest of discomfort while you are wearing these socks.

5. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Crew Socks

Fruit of the Loom Mens Everyday Work Crew Socks

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we possess a set of sock designs by Fruit of the Loom. The socks consist of 17% polyester, 80 % cotton, and 1 % spandex. The remaining portion of the fiber is a diverse material that offers a lot more strength. It is possible to clean these socks in the washer, much like you are able to with any other crew socks. You could use these shoes with company shoes, dress shoes, hiking shoes as well as hunting shoes. With this kind of flexibility, they turn out to be one of the greatest crew socks you are able to purchase. The company has additionally included reinforcements within the higher impact region. The socks are going to last a longer time, thus lessening the wear as well as tear.

Black, grey, and gray will be the 3 shades that are offered. Additionally, there are 2 sizes to select from. The first choice is for shoe sizes six to 12, and the 2nd choice is for sizes 11 to 15. These are the best performance socks you are able to purchase for yourself. They’re very well ventilated. These crew socks aren’t only going to wick the dampness, but they are going to additionally fight the smell for you so you don’t need to cope with the smelly shoes.

6. Adidas Men’s Athletic Crew Socks

Adidas Mens Athletic Crew Socks

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Another dependable manufacturer on our list is Adidas. This’s unquestionably a brand that you might have actually heard about. The great thing is the fact that it also makes crew socks for you. They’re sold in grey, black and white shades. You have to comprehend that these crew socks are composed of 97% polyester along with 3% spandex. The mid-foot compression is simply incredible, and it can help you with a safe fit and with a supportive design. These socks include additional cushioning to be able to make them much more comfortable and last longer. You are able to get cuts as well as rashes on your foot, and this cushioning will keep your foot secure. Adidas’s shoes come with a unique combination of fabrics that help soak up sweat.

You will find 2 size choices offered in these crew socks. The big size is for individuals with shoe sizes between six and 12. The XL size is ideal for individuals who have a shoe size between 12 as well as 15. It is possible to clean these crew socks in the machine, and you simply have to make certain you wash them with cool water. Do not wash them using bleach. All in all, these socks are really premium, and they have optimum support for all kinds of activities. In case you’re searching for high-quality activewear crew socks, we suggest you look into the choice by Adidas.

7. Amazon Essentials Men’s Crew Socks

Amazon Essentials Mens Crew Socks

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In the following paragraphs, we’re going to be checking out a few of the more intriguing reviews of crew socks by Amazon Essentials. You are able to purchase these in packs of ten, and they are really affordable. The size choices out there below are Standard & Extra Large. You are able to purchase the regular choice in case you have a shoe size between six and 12, while you are able to buy the additional Large choice in case your shoe size is somewhere between twelve & 16. Black and White will be the only color choices that are offered. The material utilized in these crew socks is 75% cotton, 20 % polyester, 3 % nylon as well as 2% elastane.

The cotton utilized in these crew socks by Amazon Basics is extremely soft. The cushion levels tend to be optimal, and so they function as protection too. You will see an enormous decrease in foot fatigue when you have this cushioning setup. These socks are created to be worn every day, and the seams are extremely smooth. Amazon basics constantly test its products thoroughly so you are able to be certain about the quality and also durability related to this. The same holds true for the company’s crew sock designs.

8. NIKE Kids’ Crew Socks

NIKE Kids Crew Socks

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One of the most preferred brands across the globe is Nike. This specific design is intended for individuals with smaller legs, but don’t worry because Nike actually has bigger sizes for sale. This specific listing from Nike is offered in Small and Medium sizes. White and black will be the readily offered shades. These socks are created out of a mixture of 76% polyester, 9 % nylon, 13 % cotton as well as 2% spandex. The Dri-Fit technology from Nike will help your feet remain comfortable and dry when you work long hours.

The cuffs of these socks happen to be ribbed which makes them very cozy. The socks which are created by the crew possess an arch compression feature that provides you with extra support. Each pack consists of three pairs of socks providing you with the best cushioning. The grip is additionally enhanced with a ribbed ankle. These are the very best socks that you can purchase if you would like top quality. Look at the style and purchase these crew socks from Nike now. If you decide to purchase these socks from Nike, you will see they’re top quality.

9. Champion Men’s Crew Socks

Champion Mens Crew Socks

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Champion is yet another dependable manufacturer which competes with brands such as Nike, Adidas & Under Armour. This manufacturer additionally creates Male’s thick Crew Socks. They can be bought in white in addition to in White color choices. You may even obtain a diverse size that includes a mix of both styles. The material is 97% polyester, and that is one more thing that makes this particular device fantastic. The blend additionally includes 2% spandex and 1% various other fiber. These socks feature a double dried-up wicking technology that is ideal for individuals that sweat a lot. They provide the correct amount of ventilation, which will help you cope with any kind of sweat or odor.

The brand additionally provides significance to the arch support. This not just causes it to be simpler to get a great fit, it additionally provides you with a much better grip. The lower part of these crew socks happens to be cushioned for optimum comfort. You will notice this pack is available in a regular size that will fit most individuals who wear a size six to 12 shoe. Each box contains 6 pairs, which will be sufficient for the entire week. You are able to go ahead and choose these socks, and also we’re certain that you’ll like the quality of these socks. You can go to the product page on their site in case you wish to find out more details.

10. Gildan Men’s Mid-Crew Socks

Gildan Mens Mid-Crew Socks

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We have now reached the end of our list. We are sure that you would have found reliable socks from now, Gildan provides this in a set of 12 socks. There’s one size offered in this selection, that will fit the individuals with a shoe color between six & 12. You will find a few color choices out there, which are White, Black, Assorted, and Grey. You are able to pick the color according to the settings in which you will use these socks in. Grey includes 3 pairs of light grey as well as three pairs of dark grey sock sizes.

These socks are made out of a mixture of 98% polyester as well as 2% spandex. They’re perfect for active use, and you are able to put on these socks throughout the workout or while playing tennis. The polyester can make it much more comfortable to put on these crew socks. The footbed of these socks is cushioned, which can make you feel really happy. Additionally, they are affordable, so if you have a small budget, you should look at these socks.

How to Choose the Best Crew Socks

If you do not have a lot of time to shortlist the socks, then it is best to choose one from the list we have shared with you. However, if you have a few minutes to spare, we can help you buy the most comfortable crew socks for yourself. We have some of the factors that you must consider while purchasing the crew socks for yourself. Let us have a look at them.

  • Material

Begin your search with the material. As mentioned earlier, most of the thick crew socks are made of 100% cotton, but you will also find the blends. You will find crew socks that use a combination of cotton and polyester. You will also find many other materials options. Some of the brands have now started manufacturing crew socks made of silk and wool as well.

  • Moisture Wicking

You do not want stinky feet for yourself. This can even ruin your expensive shoes. The best way to ensure that you do not end up with odor is by ensuring that the crew socks have excellent moisture-wicking capabilities. This will help you in ensuring that the sweat is absorbed and dried quickly.

  • Cushioning

Another critical aspect of the thick crew socks is the cushioning. The fact is that you are going to use the crew socks daily and you are going to travel in metro rails, cars, and buses as well. In such a case, you want something comfortable, and there is no better way to ensure comfort other than having adequate cushioning. With the right amount of cushioning, you will feel comfortable even while doing intense activities like a workout.

  • Color

If you plan to wear them for casual and formal wear, you can also look at the color of the crew socks you are buying. You can choose between bold black and plain white color. Some brands offer many different designs and colors. You can check what is available and buy what you really like.

  • Size

Most of the crew socks are one size fits all. You will not face any problem with the size if you have a feet size between 6 and 11. If you have smaller or larger feet, then you can also look for the customized size options available. Just ensure that you buy the right fit; otherwise, you will end up compromising on your comfort.

  • Brand

Consider the brand of the purchase as well. Almost every reputed brand manufactures crew socks. Sports brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour also produce crew socks. You can choose any of the reliable brands as they are going to be comfortable, and there will be no compromise with the quality as well.

  • Pack Size

Another important thing is the number of socks that you are buying. At any given time, you must have a minimum of 6 pairs of socks. Considering that you will be wearing your socks daily and you will be doing your laundry on the weekends, this is the bare minimum you will need. You can even look for the larger packs or, the smaller packages, depending on what you need.

  • Cost

The last pointer here is the cost of the thick crew socks. It is also always better to consider the cost per pair, and this will give you a real sense of what you are spending. If you are getting bigger packs for a lower price, then you can consider that option as well.

Crew Socks Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is a crew sock?

While the name crew song is used generally, it does not come in a single style. There are three different types of crew socks.

  1. Micro crew (1/4)
  2. ¾ crew or mid-calf
  3. Standard crew

As mentioned, each type of sock has a difference in length. But, it all comes under crew socks.

2. What are crew socks made of?

Most commonly, crew socks are made of 100% pure cotton for maximum comfort and other benefits. However, today, crew socks are made of cotton-polyester blends that offer more lifespan, comfort, and advantages. Apart from these two, spandex-made crew socks are also available on the market today. If you want something different and stylish, then there are silk and wool crew socks also available.

3. Are crew socks available in different sizes?

No, like regular socks, crew socks are not available in different sizes. It is all one size. If you are going for ready-made crew socks, then remember one size crew sock would fit only a foot size between 8 to 12. If your size is larger or smaller than this, go for tailored crew socks and never for ready-made crew socks.

4. How is crew socks different from other types of socks?

The length of the crew socks is what makes it different from other socks; in other words, it is an in-between solution for people who do not like long socks or very short socks. A crew sock stays between the ankle and knee, making this one of my favorite socks for a very long time. Yes, crew socks have been in use for decades, it is one of the oldest types of socks.

5. What is the most significant advantage of a mid cut crew sock?

A mid cut crew sock’s most significant benefit is that it could control the sweating to a great extent. The next benefits make use of the sweat-wicking feature of the socks while working out; people tend to sweat a lot, especially when weightlifting if they are wearing a crew sock while weightlifting could offer more grip by avoiding a sweaty foot.

6. Is there anything unique to know about washing the socks?

Unlike regular socks, you must know that a crew sock has to be cleaned after turning it inside out. Once they have been turned inside out, if you are washing the socks in a washer or dryer, you should pin them together and then wash them together. Remember, do not wash crew socks in warm water and do not iron it when it wet.

7. Crew socks with designs and prints have a good lifespan?

The lifespan of printed crew socks cannot be predicted, while some brands offer high-quality printed crew socks, some of them won’t even last a month of regular use. However, if you want a crew sock with an attractive exterior style and design, go for premium woolen socks as they come sewed using different color woolen threads rather than machine printing.


Crew socks are the perfect length for a great many uses for both women and men alike. They’re ideal for elegant occasions in which you would like to showcase your snazzy sock designs and also have sufficient length that you do not show any naked leg or calf when you sit down as well as your trousers obviously ride up a little.

A few company functions, like award ceremonies, require a plainer, darker-colored crew sock. Navy Blue, or black, are appropriate alternatives. More social functions, like birthday parties, dances, or balls permit greater freedom for brighter colors as well as bolder styles to complement, or even conflict with your outfit as appropriate.

Lastly, they’re many good types of socks to select for casual wear, because they provide huge versatility, match nearly every style of outfit, and can be changed very easily to a brand new pair of socks in case they become dirty or wet. They could be used with nearly all, if only some women’s and men’s shoes, footwear, and boots. You are able to select thin, cotton editions for chilly days or a fuller set created from clean wool or a wool blend that cushions your heels and feet throughout the winter season and on days when you are going to be on feet a whole lot.

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