10 Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis 2021 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Plantar fasciitis is soon becoming one of the major problems causing heel spurs. Plantar fasciitis is caused when there is an inflammation of the fascia tissue. This tissue is present at the bottom end of the foot. Although there is no specific reason as to why you could get this problem, you are at a higher risk of contracting plantar fasciitis if you are a female, overweight, or aged between 40 and 60 years of age. Due to this problem, you might experience pain and inflammation. This problem also interferes in case you love running, trekking, or doing similar activities. But there are ways in which you can alleviate the problems caused as a result of plantar fasciitis.

Compression socks are one of the many ways in which you can deal with plantar fasciitis. This is a convenient solution to keep the inflammation and the discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis in check. If you choose the right type, you can improve the blood circulation of the area. This will help you in going about your day to day activities with much comfort and ease.

But, how do you choose the right type of compression sock for dealing with something as painful as plantar fasciitis? With so many products and brands in the market, the choice is not at all simple. This article will guide you through some of the most important features that you should look out for in plantar fasciitis socks. There is also a comprehensive buying guide included for your benefit.

So, let us get started with the article now:

Best Buy Compression Socks for Plantar Fasciitis

Here are some of the best socks options for Plantar Fasciitis for 2021…

1. Sb Sox Compression Foot Sleeves for Men and Women

Sb Sox Compression Foot Sleeves

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First, the compression of foot sleeves by SB Sox is on our list of the best compression socks for plantar fasciitis for 2021. The makers have made the sock in a manner that helps to provide relief from several foot-related issues. The compression support is considered adequate enough and also helps to improve the circulation of blood in the body. This, in turn, reduces the accumulation of lactic acid. This is a product that is recommended for use by even the experts in the field. The arch support is known to provide the much-needed support and prevents your feet from any kind of pain as well.

The product is made such that you get the utmost comfort while wearing it. It can be even worn all day long. It does not interfere with your ability to keep moving around. The fabric chosen for the sock is also lightweight and breathable. It has proper ventilation to ensure comfort. The moisture-wicking technology further ensures that all the sweat that is produced while wearing it is adequately absorbed.

Apart from that, the product is also available in different colors and sizes. This can be a perfect product for someone who loves to indulge in outdoor activities such as running, playing tennis, cycling, as well as others. You can gift it easily to your friends and family too.  These are comfortable enough to be worn inside a sock, or even different kinds of footwear.The customers are usually very happy with the overall quality and design of this sock meant for plantar fasciitis.

2. Plantar Fasciitis Socks with Arch Support for Men and Women by Physix Gear Sport

Plantar Fasciitis Socks

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The next product on the list is offered by the famous brand Physix GearSport. This is one of the most sought-after brands for all the foot-related concerns, including plantar fasciitis. You can get rid of the problems of heel pain, as well as throbbing when you wear this pair of recommended socks daily. The best part about the product is that you can get rid of your problems without compromising on your daily movements. This is a great product if you suffer from plantar fasciitis. The design is such that you get compression towards the bottom. This, in turn, helps to compress the plantar fascia ligament. Thus, you get relief from this specific problem.

The design is such that you can comfortably wear the sock all day long. The main products used for the sock includes nylon, and some amount of spandex as well. These are both considered superior products. Not only that, but the sock has very good ventilation as well. These are also lightweight, helping you to move around freely. This brand of sock could easily be your best bet if you are into running, sports, or any kind of outdoor activities. The moisture-absorbing technology further helps to ensure that your feet are dry when there is sweat, and you can concentrate on your main thing.

The brand is also known for its superior customer service. They also offer a money-back guarantee to attract more and more customers. As per most of the users, the pain experienced from plantar fasciitis actually fades away with the regular use of the product.

3. Bitly Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks for Women and Men

Bitly Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks

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The next compression socks meant for plantar fasciitis is the one offered by the brand Bitly. The make of the product is such that the circulation of blood is smooth. This, in turn, helps to get rid of problems such as foot pain, pain on the heels, plantar fasciitis,and other related issues. The makers have been quite innovative in designing the socks. The design is such that it will easily fit your foot. You can wear them without much hassle. There are various sizes of the product available as well. Thus, there are a plethora of options available at your disposal.

The fabric used is of high quality. The compression sock is free from any kind of odor as well. Besides, like most of the other brands of products available in the market, this brand is made from moisture-absorbing fabric. Hence, the excess sweat on your foot will not bother you and you can comfortably move around wearing these all day long. In fact, people often use them even while sleeping.

This is a versatile product. Not only plantar fasciitis, but you can use it to improve your health if you are someone who has diabetes, or if you have to travel frequently, or even if you are a pregnant woman. This is a one-stop solution for you and so far the customers have been happy with the compression socks.

4. Plantar Fasciitis Sock Footby Rymora

Plantar Fasciitis Sock

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The next product on our list is from the popular brand Rymora. This is quite a popular and trusted brand as far as socks are concerned. The compression socks specially meant to provide relief from the problem of plantar fasciitis is no different. Not only does it help those who are suffering from plantar fasciitis, but it also helps to deal with problems arising from heel spurs, splints, and other foot-related conditions. The fabric used is also one of the best in the market. This sock goes a long way in helping to provide much-needed comfort and relief. Some of the best products, such as nylon and elastane, are used in the design. This, in turn, helps to make the product durable and lightweight at the same time.

The amount of compression that the product is known to put on the foot and ankle is adequate to help you from getting relief. The best part is that the fabric is very comfortable. You can walk around wearing it all day long and you will not even feel a pinch. It has enough room for ventilation. The stretch of the sock is also considered adequate enough. This is a must-have product for all your needs if you love walking, traveling, jogging, running, and playing sports. The makers havetaken additional precautions and have added one extra layer onto the material. Thus, this helps to get protection against unwanted shocks.

To attract more and more customers, the makers have ensured that you do not compromise on style while purchasing these socks. Hence, they are available in multiple color options. You can choose the one you like the best. The customers have been satisfied with the outcome of the Rymora socks. You should definitely take advantage of the many benefits that this brand has to offer its users.

5. Compression Socks for Women & Menby Quxiang

Compression Socks

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The next product on the list is offered by the brand Quxiang. This brand is regarded as one of the fittest socks in the market. It does this by ensuring that the stitching is one of the best. Because of the high-quality materials used, you can wear them all day long without feeling a thing. This is safe to be worn if you are into running, sports, cycling, travel, as well as other outdoor activities. The compression used is of level 15mmHg to 20 mmHg. This is considered to be an ideal pressure for the smooth circulation of blood. This helps to get rid of problems such asplantar fasciitis, foot injuries, as well as other leg-related problems.

The fit is one of the best and it is neither too loose nor too tight on you. This makes you feel more comfortable than most of the other socks in the market. Depending on your requirements, you can choose whether you want a pressure level that is strong or something that is moderate. It is a product that can equally be used by both men and women alike. The fabric is lightweight as well. You do not feel the pressure of wearing something all the time. This is the best part of the product which helps you move freely.

The makers offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee. This, in itself, speaks about the faith and trust the makers have in the quality and effectiveness of this particular brand of socks. To date, the users have only positive things to tell about the product. Thus, this is one of the best gifts that you can give to your loved ones who love activities such as running, etc.

6. Compression Socks Plantar Fasciitis for Women Men by Actinput

Compression Socks Plantar Fasciitis

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Actinput is a popular brand in the market as far as compression socks are concerned. It has long been known and trusted for the superior quality of socks produced. The sock specially meant to treat plantar fasciitis is no different. The materials that make up the sock includes 70 percent nylon, around 23 percent cotton, while the remaining is made from spandex. These are considered materials that help to make it longlasting and effective. Besides, it is lightweight as well. These are ankle compression socks and the quality is not compromised on any angle. Whether you are doing yoga, sports, trekking, or any such activity, this is one of the best brands of socks for all your leg-related concerns. It also helps in relieving stress, fatigue, as well as cramping.

Just like some of the other top brands in the market, the pressure level to be exerted on different parts of the foot can be decided upon. This is what makes the product really effective. Although high-quality, due attention has also been taken on making the product look stylish. There are different color options available for you. The makers are quite confident that the users will like the product. That explains the 100 percent money-back guarantee. In order to keep attracting consumers, the makers are also known to be giving various discounts from time to time.

7. Copper Plantar FasciitisRunning Compression Socks for Men & Women by Sooverki

Copper Plantar FasciitisRunning Compression Socks

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The next product on our list is the compression socks for plantar fasciitis by the brand Sooverki. This one of the most pocket-friendly brands on our list. This sock makes use of copper to alleviate your problems of leg injuries, plantar fasciitis, and other related issues. Copper is a good conductor of electricity. By using this property, the sock is able to ensure the smooth circulation of blood throughout the body. These are also considered to be very comfortable for your foot, so much so that you can wear these all day long. The pressure level exerted is around 8mmHg to around 15mmHg. This is adequate to give a soothing effect on the sides as well as the bottom of the foot. The socks will go a long way in helping to get rid of blisters, fatigue, and other types of related conditions.

The fabric is moisture-absorbing as well. This means that when your foot experiences excess moisture or sweat, the sock is able to remain dry. This makes you move freely while wearing it. This also enables you to carry on your main task. These are just appropriate for any season of the year. The fabric has been designed to make you feel good all year-round. Whether you are into outdoor activities, pregnant, or want to get rid of the pain from plantar fasciitis, these are the perfect pair of socks for all your needs.

The makers have introduced a 100 percent refund policy is you are not satisfied with the socks. This, in turn, increases the reliability of the product.

8. Techware Pro Ankle Compression Socks

Techware Pro Ankle Compression Socks

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If you are looking for compression socks that are comfortable, efficient, and will help you to get rid of blisters, injuries, and other related issues, this is the brand for you. The makers have used stretch fabric in this. This makes the product very light to wear. Its formulation further helps you deal with sprains, tendonitis, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis,among others. There is a flared top which means that the dressing is quite easy and comfortable. These are like therapy socks. Hence, the splint area around the legs has been taken special care of. With this technology in place, whenever there is some sprain or injury in your leg, the healing is much faster. This makes the product special and different from the others. If your foot is tired after a long day at work or due to any activity, wearing this sock is the perfect solution for you.

The makers have further ensured that there are options and sizes available for everyone to wear. The materials used in the socks also make them very durable. It uses around 80 percent nylon, and the remaining is spandex. The fabric also ensures that proper ventilation is provided. Hence, next time, your leg injury should not stop you from having a great time.

The only thing a few users have pointed out is that sometimes the fit is a little tighter than it should be. Apart from that, the users are of the view that the compression sock is very efficient.

9. Compression Socks Plantar Fasciitis for Women Men by Iseasoo

Compression Socks Plantar Fasciitis for Women

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Next on the list is the compression sock by the brand Iseasoo. What stands out in its design is the Y shape. This design helps to provide the necessary slide as you wear them. The fabric can absorb the moisture adequately. Hence, you feel comfortable while wearing them. This is one of the best ways to deal with the problem of tiredness, blisters, injuries, and plantar fasciitis. There is a double layer of padding done on it. This further helps to protect you. Further to help you deal better with the problems caused due to plantar fasciitis, there are special compression zones designed. Further, the make is such that you feel free and comfortable while wearing them.

Whether you are into running, cycling, playing different sports, gymming, or other activities, the compression socks by Iseasoo will not disappoint you. A 100 percent money-back guarantee is also available to attract more users. You can certainly buy these pair of socks with confidence.

10. Fondenn Plantar Fasciitis Socks

FondennPlantar Fasciitis Socks

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Last but not least, the plantar fasciitis socks by Fondenn is the tenth on our list of the best socks for 2021. The socks have different compression zones targeting a specific area to help you get rid of the problems arising from plantar fasciitis. The fabric that is made from nylon and spandex gives you the much-needed comfort. It is also durable and lightweight. Hence, you can wear it daily without exerting too much pressure. There are mesh zones in the compression socks. This helps make the product breathable. Besides, they can appropriately absorb moisture, further ensuring that when your feet sweat too much, it doe not come in the way.

Not only plantar fasciitis, but the product will help you in getting relief from problems such as swollen foot, foot pain, and other problems. The blood circulation is improved which helps you in getting the advantages as mentioned above. Medical experts highly recommend the product especially for pregnant women, as well as athletes.

The product is a budget-friendly one as well. It is easy to maintain and wash it. You just have to be careful enough to not use a dryer for it. The customers have always had positive things to say about it.

How To Choose The Best Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

If you are looking to get rid of plantar fasciitis or related problems, buying a good compression sock meant for the purpose is important. However, choosing the right one is not an easy decision. With so many brands and varieties, it sure is a difficult choice. If you are still confused, we are here to help you. In the following section, we have listed a few factors that you should bear in mind when you go to the market to choose the right brand of compression sock for plantar fasciitis. The factors are.

  • Material

The first factor to keep in mind is the material that makes up the sock. There are socks made from thick material available. However, you should be careful while buying them. They end up making you feel hot and uncomfortable. You should instead choose a moisture-wicking sock. This will help to keep your foot dry. Besides, these are also usually free from unwanted odors. Most of the best-quality socks are made from a combination of nylon and spandex.

  • Arch Support

If you are buying a compression sock for relieving yourself from the problem of plantar fasciitis, then getting a product with adequate arch support is very important. Exerting an adequate level of pressure around the arch is of great importance as it will ensure that blood circulation is smooth and adequate. Adequate arch support will help in preventing stress on the plantar ligament. This will help to alleviate the pain.

  • Compression Zones

Most of the good-quality socks that are meant to treat plantar fasciitis have varied compression zones. This is important as the circulation of smooth blood flow is controlled accordingly. You should check the different compression zones and the pressure exerted on each of these zones. You should make a decision only after determining this.

  • Design

Well, it might not seem important at first, but considering the design is a very important factor.Depending on which are of the foot you are targeting, the design of the compression sock becomes an important factor. For example, if there is a specific area where you are experiencing pain, and where you would like to get relief, then you should go for the ankle-length design. Similarly, if other requirements are serious than just normal discomfort, then a knee-length sock would help you.

  • Size

It is important to consider the size of the sock as well. There are four different sizes available as far as socks for plantar fasciitis are concerned. You should be able to determine the size that is just adequate for you. You should avoid going for a type that is neither too loose nor too tight. In that case, the very purpose of the sock will be lost.

  • Durability

Whenever you invest in something, you want that the product lasts for as much as it can.This also helps to ensure that you are getting the full value for every penny that you might have spent on the product. The socks meant for plantar fasciitis are no different either. Go for something that will last for a longer duration. All the products mentioned on our top 10 list have this characteristic for sure.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it harmful to wear compression socks all day long?

In general terms, No! But it depends on the type of problem a person has. However, you must always remove or take it off before going to sleep, as blood must be allowed to circulate freely at the least during the night.

Compression socks are majorly useful in treating any small pain or soreness to swelling that needs to be attended by a doctor or a physician. The whole idea is to reduce the pain or any discomfort while carrying out day-to-day activities. If there is unbearable pain or swelling, then it needs to be addressed by a doctor, and you must use the compression socks under the advice of a medical expert or a doctor.

2. Where is compression socks mainly used?

The compression socks come handy to people whose profession includes long hours of standing, walking or traveling, and prolonged hours of sitting, as there will be no circulation of blood. Teachers, IT professionals, Police, Chefs, and even Security Guards can get benefits from wearing this after long hours of standing or sitting.

People who hit the gym experience muscle soreness and cramps all over their bodies, especially their legs. This stiffness and tightness of the muscles can overcome by wearing the compression socks.

3. How does compression socks help in treating ankle soreness?

The special types of socks that can be an excellent option to help aid ankle pain and discomfort are the compression socks. It is advised for people with improper blood flow to their legs also to varicose vein’s condition. It is designed so that the pressure is applied to the lower part of the body so that the blood flow is normalized and circulated equally. Note that physicians usually prescribe compression socks for extreme swelling or pain. But it can be used while exercising to reduce muscle soreness.

4. What is the age limit to use compression socks?

People of all ages can use these magical pain-relieving socks. It is common for students and kids who undertake athletic and physical activities to get their legs cramped or encounter inflammation. It is where compression socks can easily save a visit to the doctor, and this is how you can significantly reduce the soreness.

Adults and senior citizens can use the compression socks to ease off joint pains, which in turn can make them walk comfortably.

5. How to choose the correct size for your compression socks?

Compression socks are no different from your regular socks when it comes to choosing the correct size. As long as you are purchasing general pain reduction while walking, exercising, and avoiding soreness,  you can buy these socks with your regular sock sizes. But if you are suffering from any diseases and conditions like varicose veins, you can consult a doctor or a physician to get the exact measurements to get the socks made for them especially meeting the required specifications.

Bottom line

We hope that the above article has been successful in enlightening you about compression socks meant for plantar fasciitis. With its importance and properties, it becomes imperative that you choose a sock that is just about right. However, the task is a daunting one. You can trust all the top 10 products mentioned on our list. There are links to each product. You can go over these in detail as well. As always, we do recommend that you conduct your due research before deciding upon a particular product. Also, keep the buying guide in mind while shopping around for the specific socks. This way, we are confident that you shall be able to make a perfect choice.

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