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10 Best Socks For Stinky Feet Men & Women 2023

Top 3 Picks Best Socks For Stinky Feet

#1. Dickies

2#. ONKE

#3. Sixdaysox 

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Socks are necessary knitted garments for the human feet and play a more important role for people having sweaty feet. Most people may have sweating feet problems but excessive sweaty feet are uncommon. It causes a bad smell and uncomfortable feelings for people suffering. Fortunately, there are many ways to cure this problem. Choosing the right sock for sweaty feet is one of the solutions to relieve your sweating condition. According to many experts and doctors, a normal human foot has more than 250k sweat glands. As we know that sweating is an involuntary process that a person can’t control. Still, there are some emotional as well as hormonal factors present that can affect sweating easily.

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The humidity and higher temperature cause sweating on the feet. The most common reason that feet become stinky is because of sweat. You have to take care of your feet if you don’t want them to smell cheezy and sour. The least expensive and effective method to cope with this sort of situation is using some unique kind of socks. You can find special socks that are made to trap sweat and keep it away from your feet. Consequently, you are going to get sweat-free as well as smell-free feet. It was the main reason why we have decided to display the ten best socks for sweaty smelly & stinky feet for the money with the help of this post.

1. Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Socks

Dickies Mens Dri-tech Socks

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The Dickies Men’s Moisture Control Socks are specially designed for working professionals. You are going to learn about the benefits of these moisture control socks within a couple of minutes, just read the description. First of all, these socks from Dickies are extremely well known within the market; this product received an insane rating of more than 5 thousand men and women. The small length of these socks gives them the advantage over other moisture control socks. The shorter length of the shoe also helps to regulate moisture and sweat that comes from your feet. This is because the socks only cover the area around the ankle and don’t go deep enough to protect the rest of your foot. Smaller areas mean better moisture control.

When it comes to the materials on the Dickies socks, and then below you are going to get the excellent kind of ratio of 3 various substances. Firstly, the company claims that it has used over 70 % cotton to make the socks. Aside from the cotton, you’ll additionally be obtaining 28 % of polyester and also 2 % of spandex material. Due to the polyester along with spandex material, you are going to get outstanding durability and elasticity in these socks. Cotton tends to soak liquids well, so we know it’s an effective material for soaking liquids. This is one of the main reasons that the socks are so effective at controlling the moisture in your feet. Talking about the style, then here you’re obtaining the correct supportive and comfortable look with bottom compression.

2. ONKE Cotton Moisture Wicking Socks

ONKE Cotton Moisture Wicking Socks

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The ONKE Cotton Moisture Wicking Socks are able to provide a sweat-free as well a premium durable experience. Based on the ONKE, these socks are a great match for assisting professionals. If you’re an individual that really likes performing the workout, then even you can try these moisture-controlling socks. In case we look at the material percentage, then you will notice that here you’re obtaining a premium quality of materials. Firstly, you should understand that there is about 60 % cotton in each sock. We think that a cotton content of 60 % is not too bad. On the other hand, these ONKE Cotton Socks will keep you dry and comfortable while still providing you with that sweat barrier.

You will find several more insane advantages also present in these socks, for example, the more length. Yes, longer lengths up to the ankle are provided by the manufacturers. These socks have a 37 % polyester content which makes them extremely durable and flexible. You are able to adjust or even stretch each sock of the pack accordingly. One of the greatest things relating to these socks is they do not lose shape when washed. The producing company has particularly pointed out that you are able to quickly wash each sock of the bunch using a washing machine with no issue. On the heel area of every sock of the bunch, it is simple to observe the great reinforcement. And this reinforcement is able to preserve the socks from a rip-off.

3. No Show Socks By Sixdaysox 

No Show Socks

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If you are looking for a pair of flat sneakers, the No Show Socks By SIXDAYSOX might be just what you are looking for. These socks are made to cover the entire lower ankle and don’t even go up to the toes. At first glance, a lot of you might think about these socks as cotton shoes, but that isn’t the reality. However, the primary reason why we’re displaying this particular package of socks is its incredible properties. The users that are utilizing these socks on a regular basis reported that these socks have antibacterial properties that stop the bacteria from developing in the sweaty feet.

You will find a few additional efforts that the company carried out in the area of the material. In case you go through the item’s description on every web store, then you definitely are going to notice one thing. Yes, you have it right, the makers of this particular pack of socks have supplied up to 80 % of cotton materials. However, they’ve additionally pointed out that in case you wish to utilize these socks for some time, now do be sure to clean each sock only with hand washing. Right here we have the flat sneaker’s socks with the design on the front side. Just in case you do not like the basic style and color combination, then do not worry about it. This is because SIXDAYSOX already lists up to eight various colors and patterns of sock packs.

4. Balega Silver Antimicrobial Best Socks For Stinky Feet

Balega Silver Antimicrobial Socks

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The Balega Silver Antimicrobial Socks are the perfect fit for running and gym lovers. There are some very solid reasons why we are saying this pack of socks is ideal for workout lovers. Firstly, you should understand that there is an advanced moisture control system that is built into each sock. In case you make use of these socks, then you definitely will see that the socks are moving the sweat and moisture away from the skin. This makes it an advanced kind of socks pack because it keeps moisture away from the skin. And due to this kind of procedure, you’ll always feel a freshness in your legs, though the very best part is you will not be going to get some concern concerning the negative smell or odor.

It isn’t particular that only males are able to make use of these socks, including the makers who have pointed out that both women and men can use these socks for sweaty smelly stinky feet. These socks are made from a combination of 75 % polyester and 23 % nylon, which makes them extremely durable. And due to the reduced cotton content, it is simple to clean these antimicrobial socks with virtually any machine. Each sock contains a micronutrient called silver ions which are absorbed by the yarns to prevent the growth of bacteria in the sweat. The looks of these socks are extremely stylish, so in case you like this type of look, then absolutely try this package. After taking into consideration the preferences of its users, the company has listed 17 color combinations.

5. Copper Infused Athletic Socks By Kodal

Copper Infused Athletic Socks

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We have the Copper Infused Athletic Socks By Kodal, in case you’re searching for copper-infused plus sweat/moisture-wicking socks. we may help you with the best suggestion about these socks. While there are plenty of other types of socks that can protect your feet from the odor of your feet we have listed here, if you want something a little more advanced, you may want to look at this pack. Right here you’re obtaining 4 to 5 pairs of socks right away. Firstly, the combed cotton fabric provided by the Kodal Manufacturers is of good quality. A surprising fact about the cotton content is that it can be surprising to some people. And so, here you will discover 80 % combed and high-quality cotton material for the following level of a smooth experience.

The socks in this package were infused with copper ions to provide extra protection against bacterial growth on your feet. Kodal Manufacturers work hard to make sure that your feet are free from bad odors by using copper ions. A design that is mesh-like on top of the side of every sock helps to promote sweating and getting comfortable. Industry experts say that due to this mesh-like style, a user can obtain a 30 % increase in the general sweat evaporating process. The socks that are made of antibacterial material also have compression. The bottom of each sock features a band and a design that is very supportive.

6. +MD 6 Pack Soft Best Socks For Stinky Feet

+MD 6 Pack Soft Socks

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+MD soft socks are among the great competitors in the marketplace. A lot of brands are present in the industry that supplies socks for sweaty, smelly stinky feet, but hardly any of them supply the great, very soft, and comfortable experience of socks. MD socks one of them. So, if you would like the pleasant experience provided and the long-lasting kind of sweat-soaking socks, then do make sure to try this option. Here, according to +MD soft socks, the premium bamboo has been provided with 23.3 % polyester. The bamboo material is just because of the softness of the socks, however, the polyester is supplying additional durability and elasticity to the socks. These socks are also great for keeping your feet dry and fresh, due to the bamboo material.

Each sock is longer than the average. In fact, many individuals would rather use socks that can protect the top part of the ankles. These socks also have important features like the bottom part that is highlighted. Yes, below you are going to get a heavy bottom sole component which is thicker compared to normal. In our viewpoint, it provides excellent durability and a rips-free experience to a user. Not just this, but the firm bottom sole additionally plays a fantastic part in extra softness. Therefore, in case you would like the excellent kind of athletic socks able to soak the sweat, then in our opinion, you’re not going to discover a much better choice than this one.

7. YUEDGE Men’s Crew Socks

YUEDGE Mens Crew Best Socks For Stinky Feet

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YUEDGE Men’s Crew Socks are best for people who like to spend time outdoors or play sports. It is because individuals who appreciate these pursuits, typically prefer using the comfortable, sweat-free, and long-lasting kind of socks only. There are a lot of brands but not all of them can meet the criteria of the users. In case you’re also unable to find this kind of socks, then simply check out this specific option on this list. First of all, due to the bigger percent of cotton material, these socks get softer compared to other socks at this price point. Consequently, the entire substance appears to be a perfectly breathable material which really allows for the air to enter inside.

The whole design of these socks is made from a mesh material that is found in every single shoe. It’s crucial, too, since it helps in the final step to regulate the vaporization of sweat. Consequently, you are going to get dried out but fresh feet with no bad smell. There is also a 17 % Chinlon material that is used in the making of the socks, giving them both elasticity and stretchability. These little things really help a great deal while wearing the sock effortlessly. You can even buy these socks in the winter, according to the company YUEDGE. This is made possible by the extra thick layer of foam in each sock.

8. Super Soft Socks By BAMBOO SPORTS 8

Super Soft Socks

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We understand that each socks user has their very own distinct preference when picking out the perfect kind of socks. So, keeping this in mind, we have chosen to include some soft socks on the list for those who need some extra comfort. At first glance, these socks appear to be really thick substance of socks. But this isn’t the actual truth concerning these socks; Here, you’ll in fact get an additional level of cushioning on the internal side of every sock of this package. The “No Show Socks” are The type provided by The BAMBOO Sports 8 maker. This means below you are going to get the reduced length of socks, so this particular kind of sock won’t cover the top part of the ankle.

The bamboo socks possess the natural capability to soak the sweat/moisture out of the foot. Therefore, you should try this option if you want to get an option that will not only keep you dry but also provide you with a sweat-free experience. The upper side of these socks has a mesh design that allows air to travel through to the upper part of your foot, which can be helpful for soaking up sweat. The lightweight nature of the sock is greatly enhanced by the mesh design, which allows for easy sweating and vaporization. This is the best pack of socks that you can get if you are doing any outdoor activities like running or biking.

9. Enerwear-Coolmax Men’s Best Socks For Stinky Feet

Enerwear-Coolmax Mens Socks

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Manufacturers have focused mainly on two aspects of this pack: The first is the absorption of sweat. Yes, here, these socks include excellent sweat absorption ability or moisture-locking ability. Talking about the 2nd main point that the company has concentrated on will be the soft plus more comfortable experience. This is the only pack that offers ten different pairs of socks that are designed to be worn in order to provide the most comfort for the buyer. In case we talk about the general durability of the socks, do not worry since the general thickness of every sock is higher compared to normal. This’s the thing that makes every sock in this pack rip-free.

Are you dealing with the low budget issue to purchase the socks for sweaty smelly stinky feet? If yes, then we have something unique for you in the 9th position that is easily within your budget. So, the Innerwear Coolmax Male’s Socks offer excellent benefits for their customers at a lower price point. In fact, this’s a pack of 10 male socks for just $ 20. But don’t attempt to determine these socks with the price of the overall package. Each sock of the pack provides you with a value for money experience due to its remarkable capabilities. First of all, each sock of the package possesses the foundation material of cotton which is present here in a quantity of over 80 %.

10. Champion Women’s Best Socks For Stinky Feet

Champion Womens Best Socks For Stinky Feet

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Keep reading if you want to find the most durable and long-lasting women’s socks. Champion Women’s Socks are the special thing that we were talking about. Here on the last spot of this list, we have something special for women’s socks. These socks have higher polyester material for each sock, you are able to think about them as a really severe level of the long-lasting sock. Based on the manufacturers, here you are going to get 97 % of polyester material out of 100 %. For us, that appears an incredible thing to supply durability to the socks of this package. Inside this package, you are going to get 2 pairs of socks for females.

You will also find that these socks have features that help you stay comfortable, such as soft cushioning, and odor locking. In our viewpoint, all these attributes are just present to improve your overall experience with such socks. The good thing concerning these socks that we like is the additional cushioning that’s present on the heel and toe area. The Champion producing company did this since these are the 2 primary areas, from where regular socks begin rip-off.

How To Choose The Best Socks For Stinky Feet

Have you got what you were looking for the best type of socks to resolve the bad odor and sweat problems? If not, don’t worry. We have made a buying guide for you. Here is a list of factors/aspects of athletic socks that you should consider before buying socks for sweaty and smelly feet. By following this guide, you’ll be able to easily select the best women’s athletic socks. So, let’s get into it-

  • Anti-Odor Properties/Antibacterial Properties

This is something that you need to consider when buying socks, especially if you want to remove a bad odor. Prior to proceeding to this time, we initially need to clear all of your doubts regarding the terrible odor/stinky feet. Many of you may be asking yourself the question “What makes your feet stinky?” If you have the same question, then we want to tell you that when the feet start secreting the sweat, then usually bacterias start growing in that wet and sticky area. In the end, because of this bacterial growth, produces a bad odor.

So if you want to avoid the growth of bacterial colonies in your socks, the options we have listed for you will help you choose the right ones. In our opinion, you should always go with the option that offers features such as silver ions, copper fused yarns, etc. To prevent bacterial growth.

  • Moisture-Soaking/ Moisture-Wicking

The first point of this guide,  you should always need to choose an option that can soak the sweat or moisture easily from the sock. When you head over to the market, then you will easily find out that there are many brands present that are offering socks with the features of moisture-wicking.

Basically, this feature ensures to keep the moisture or sweat away from the skin of the feet. Ultimately the goal of this type of socks is to bring all moisture to the surface of the socks. And after that, the sweat or moisture will automatically dispose of in the atmosphere with the help of high temperatures.

  • Breathable

If you are reading this post on socks with full concentration, then you may know that on this post, we have listed many options that offer a breathable design. Basically, here we are trying to address the mesh-like design of many socks on this list. Yes, there are many socks present in the market that comes with the mesh design. This mesh-like design is very helpful for the passing of the air.

Again you can also consider this point as a part of the previous moisture-wicking point. We are saying this because both features of socks are essential in sweat-soaking or sweat vaporization. Not only this but usually, this type of sock comes in a very lightweight design too.

  • Versatility In Material

If you are searching for socks for sweaty smelly stinky feet, then you may know about the versatility of material that these socks offer. But most of the time, the companies that offer these socks only prefer to use the cotton material in construction. It is only because cotton has a very high level of soaking ability. However, cotton plays a significant role in making the socks softer and comfortable to wear.

Other materials are constructed socks such as bamboo material, polyester, nylon material, etc. Also present in the market. Instead of softness, if you want a very durable type of socks, then you can look for a mix of cotton plus polyester too.

  • Cost

Different brands are offering socks for sweaty smelly stinky feet at various price points. We know that some of you don’t want to invest a higher amount of money to buy just two pairs of socks. But believe us, this is not the case for you, because you are a reader of this post. And In this post, we have added several options that come at a lower price segment but still offer a great value as compared to the price.

Best Socks For Stinky Feet Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can socks prevent sweat and smell?

These particular kinds of socks are great for athletes and users who travel a lot. The socks are made with the utmost care with a unique combination of fabrics that makes them comfortable and useful in the long run. Apart from the unique material, these socks are also incredibly lightweight, unlike the heavy fabric that is usually used in sports socks.

So, if you are looking for an ideal pair of socks that can help your feet to stay dry and odor-free, you should once try these socks. Believe us, you are not going to regret the decision.

2. Are they reliable to use for long?

Yes. These socks are incredibly great for the long term. Instead, they are meant for long runs. These socks are easier to maintain, and if you are using them in the right way, they won’t need a replacement very soon. There is no such health issue that you should worry about while using these socks. If you are really looking forward to buying a reliable pair of socks that is easier to use, maintain and provide you a better value, you should once have a look at these specially designed socks that are completely worth the money.

3. Are there any side effects of using such socks?

These socks are like many other fabric socks available in the market, and unless you don’t keep them clean, you won’t have to worry about the health issues caused by them. And the best thing about these socks is that they are fairly easy to maintain too. SO, if you are looking to buy a pair of socks that you can wear during a long journey without worrying about the unbearable smell caused due to the sweat, these special socks will be an ideal deal for you to crack. So, start searching for the most perfect pair of such socks and get the best value for your money.

4. What are the key things we should keep in mind while buying sweat preventing socks?

The things that you should be looking for while purchasing these special sweat-proof socks are the fit and quality of the material. Make sure that you are investing in a good quality pair of socks that are easy to use and maintain. By choosing the right fit and reliable material for yourself, you can be assured of getting the best performance and better usability. So, instead of looking for the price, we will suggest you have a look at the fit, reviews, and material quality before buying these socks.

5. Are they worth buying?

Yes. These special socks are worth buying. Regardless of your profession, you need to have a pair of socks that can stay on your feet for a longer period without that stinking smell. These socks are made perfectly for saving your day when you need to look and feel great throughout the day. So, just try your hands on the wide range of sweat-proof socks and get going.


Are you tired of not getting the best socks for your sweaty and stinky feet? We know that shortlisting these socks and choosing the ones that are right for you is a tiresome task. But don’t worry; in this post, we have listed the best socks for sweaty smelly stinky feet of 2023 along with a buying guide. You can easily choose the right pair of socks that are exactly made for you.

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