10 Best Socks For Sweaty, Smelly or Stinky Feet 2021

Before going forward into this post, firstly, we want to ask you something about socks. So, what is the most common problem you faced with a standard type of socks? We are sure that in the answer, most of you will say that the regular socks cause the stinky feet. Right? Actually, there is a powerful reason behind the bad odor of feet; sometimes, it can cause serious damage to the feet as well. According to many experts and doctors, a normal human foot has more than 250k sweat glands. Like we know that sweating is an involuntary process that a person can’t control. Still, there are some emotional as well as hormonal factors present that can affect sweating easily.

Usually, sweating in feet occurs because of the higher temperature and humidity. Sweat is the main reason for making the feet stinky and smelly. If you don’t want your feet to smell off like sour and cheezy, then you have to do something for it. The most affordable and effective way to deal with this kind of situation is to use some special type of socks. Yes, there is some special kind of sock present on the market that can keep the sweat away from your foot skin.

As a result, you will get the sweat-free and smell-free feet. It was the main reason why we have decided to display ten best socks for sweaty smelly & stinky feet for the money with the help of this post.

1. Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Socks

Dickies Mens Dri-tech Socks

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The Dickies Men’s Moisture Control Socks are especially available for working professionals. You will come to know about the advantages of these moisture control socks within a few moments, just keep reading this description. Firstly, these socks from Dickies are quite popular in the market; this item got an insane rating of over five thousand people. The best part about this type of moisture control socks that most of the people like is their smaller length. Believe it or not, but the shorter length also plays a significant role while controlling the sweat or moisture of feet. It’s because this type of socks can only cover the ankle to the toe area of the foot. A smaller area means better moisture control.

Talking about the materials of the Dickies socks, then here you will get the excellent type of ratio of three different materials. First of all, the company says that they have used over 70% of cotton material to provide the next level of softness to the socks. Besides the cotton, you will also be getting 28% of polyester as well as 2% of spandex material. Because of the polyester plus spandex material, you will get exceptional durability plus elasticity in these socks. We know that cotton is an effective material to soak liquids; this is the main reason why this type of socks is very effective in controlling the moisture of feet. Talking about the design, then here you are getting the proper supportive and comfortable design with bottom compression.

2. ONKE Cotton Moisture Wicking Socks

ONKE Cotton Moisture Wicking Socks

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The ONKE Cotton Moisture Wicking Socks are able to provide a sweat-free as well a premium durable experience. According to the ONKE, these socks are a perfect fit for working professionals. If you are a person who loves doing the workout, then even you can give a try to these moisture-controlling socks. If we take a look at the material percentage, then you will find that here you are getting a premium quality of materials. First thing first, each sock of this pack contains up to 60% of cotton material. In our view, 60% cotton content is not that bad. Still, you can expect a great sweat-free and moisture-locking experience from these ONKE Cotton Socks.

There are some other insane advantages also present of these socks, such as the longer length. Yes, the manufacturers have provided the longer length that is going up to the ankle. And because of the 37% polyester material, these socks got fantastic durability as well as elasticity. So, you can adjust or stretch each sock of this pack accordingly. The best thing that most people mentioned about these socks is that they don’t lose their shape after every wash. The manufacturing company has especially mentioned that you can easily wash each sock of this pack with a washing machine without any problem. On the heel area of each sock of this pack, you can easily notice the excellent reinforcement. And this reinforcement is capable of saving the socks from rip off.

3. No Show Socks By SIXDAYSOX

No Show Socks

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The No Show Socks By SIXDAYSOX seems a perfect choice for people who prefer to wear flat sneakers. If you are also the same kind of person, then do make sure to consider these socks. The company says that they have designed these socks to only cover the area of the lower ankle to the toes of the foot. At first glance, many of you may consider these socks as cotton shoes, but that is not the truth. But the main reason why we are displaying this pack of socks is its amazing properties. The users who are using these socks on a daily basis claimed that these socks have the antibacterial properties that prevent the bacterias from growing in the sweaty feet.

There are some extra efforts that the company did in the section of material. If you go through the product’s description on any online store, then you will notice one thing. Yes, you got it right, the manufacturers of this pack of socks have provided up to 80% of cotton material. But they have also mentioned that if you want to use these socks for a long time, then do make sure to wash each sock only with hand washing. Here we have the flat sneaker’s socks with the pattern on the front side. In case if you don’t like the basic design and color combination, then don’t worry about it. It’s because the SIXDAYSOX has already listed up to eight different colors as well as patterns of sock’s pack.

4. Balega Silver Antimicrobial Socks

Balega Silver Antimicrobial Socks

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The Balega Silver Antimicrobial Socks are the perfect fit for running and gym lovers. There are some very solid reasons why we are saying this pack of socks is ideal for workout lovers. First thing first, each sock of this pack comes with the advanced moisture-controlling. If you use these socks, then you will notice that the socks are transferring the sweat and moisture away from the skin. Ultimately this process keeping moisture away from skin makes it an advanced type of sock’s pack. And because of this type of process, you will always feel a freshness in your feet, but the best part is that you won’t be going to get any issue regarding the bad odor or smell.

It is not specific that only men can use these socks, even the manufacturers have mentioned that both men and women can use these socks for sweaty smelly stinky feet. 75% of polyester plus 23% of nylon materials are the main reason behind the excellent durability of these socks. And because of the lower cotton content, you can easily wash these antimicrobial socks with any washing machine. The yarns of each sock have a measured amount of silver ions that help prevent bacterial growth in sweat. The looks of these socks are very sporty, so if you like this kind of looks, then definitely give a try to this pack. The company has already listed 17 different color combinations after keeping each user’s preferences for more versatility.

5. Copper Infused Athletic Socks By Kodal

Copper Infused Athletic Socks

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Next, we have the Copper Infused Athletic Socks By Kodal, if you are looking for copper-infused plus sweat/moisture-wicking socks, then here the one that you were looking for. In this post, we have listed many socks that prevent the smell or odor of your feet, but instead of them, if you want a more advanced type of socks that should have all the features, you should try this pack. Here you are getting four to five pairs of socks out of the box. First of all, the Kodal Manufacturers have provided a good quality of combed cotton material. And the percentage of cotton can be a surprise for many people. So, here you will find 80% combed and premium cotton material for the next level of soft experience.

The yarns of each sock of this pack have infused with copper ions to prevent the bacterial growth in the sweaty feet. The main goal of Kodal Manufacturers is to avoid the bad and sour odor of feet with the help of copper ions. To give a boost to the sweat soaking process, you will get the mesh-like design on the upper side of each sock. Experts say that because of this mesh-like design, a user can get a 30% boost in the overall sweat evaporating process. A bit of compression is also present in these antibacterial athletic socks; for this, you will find a band and a supportive design from the bottom part of each sock.

6. +MD 6 Pack Soft Socks

+MD 6 Pack Soft Socks

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+MD soft socks are one of the best competitors in the market. Many brands present in the market that provide the socks for sweaty, smelly stinky feet, but very few of them provide the good, soft, and comfortable experience of socks. So, if you want the comfortable experience providing plus the durable type of sweat soaking socks, then do make sure to try out this option. According to +MD, here they have provided the premium bamboo material with 23.3% of polyester material. The bamboo material is only for the softness of the socks, but the polyester is providing the extra elasticity and durability to the socks. Also, because of the bamboo material’s sweat-absorbing capability, these socks seem a perfect option to provide you a dry and fresh experience.

The length of each sock is higher than average; actually, some people prefer to use the socks that can cover the upper area of the ankles. There are some other very important highlighted features present in these socks, like the bottom part. Yes, here you will get a thick bottom sole part that is thicker than average. In our view, it offers great durability and rips free experience to a user. Not only this, but the thick bottom sole also plays a great role for extra softness. So, if you want the good type of athletic socks with the ability to soak the sweat, then in our opinion, you are not going to find a better option than this one.

7. YUEDGE Men’s Crew Socks

YUEDGE Mens Crew Socks

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The YUEDGE Men’s Crew Socks are primarily available for people who love outdoor activities or even sports-related activities. It’s because people who love these activities, usually prefer to use the comfortable, sweat-free, and durable type of socks only. But in the market, there are very few brands available who fulfill all the requirements as mentioned above of users. If you are also unable to find this type of socks, then just take a look at this particular option of this list. Firstly, because of the higher percentage of cotton material, these socks become softer than any other socks at this price point. Therefore, the whole material seems a perfectly breathable material that actually allows the air to enter inside.

Instead of only the sole part of the socks, you will find the mesh-like material in the whole design of each sock. It is essential too because, ultimately, this helps to boost the vaporization of sweat. As a result, you will get dry but fresh feet without any bad odor. In the overall content of each sock, the company has also provided 17% of Chinlon material, which is offering a high elasticity plus stretch ability to the sock. These small things actually help a lot while wearing the sock with ease. According to the YUEDGE company, you can also use these socks for winter. It is only possible because of the extra thick layering plus cushioning of each sock.

8. Super Soft Socks By BAMBOO SPORTS 8

Super Soft Socks

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We know that every socks user has their own different preference while choosing the best type of socks. So, after keeping this thing in mind, we have decided to put the soft kind of socks on this list for people who want extra soft experience. At first glance, these socks seem like very thick material of socks. But this is not the real truth about these socks; here, you will actually get an extra layer of cushioning in the inner side of each sock of this pack. The type that The BAMBOO SPORTS 8 manufacturer has provided here is the “No show socks.” It means here you will get the smaller length of socks, and this type of sock will not cover the upper area of the ankle.

The bamboo socks have the natural ability to soak the sweat/moisture from feet. So, if you want an option that can provide you a sweat and moisture free experience, then you should need to give a try to this option. These socks come with the mesh design from the upper side to support the soaking or vaporization of sweat. The mesh-like design is not only for sweat soaking or vaporization, but also it plays a significant role in making the sock lightweight. If you are a person who is especially looking for socks for running, gym, or any other outdoor activities, then this is the pack that we highly recommend you to go with.

9. Enerwear-Coolmax Men’s Socks

Enerwear-Coolmax Mens Socks

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Are you dealing with the lower budget problem to buy the socks for sweaty smelly stinky feet? If yes, here we have something special for you on the second last spot. So, the Enerwear-Coolmax Men’s Socks are offering great value to their consumers at a lower price point. Actually, this is a pack of ten men’s socks at the price of only twenty bucks. But do not try to judge these socks with the cost of the overall pack. Each sock of this pack will give you a value for money experience because of the extraordinary features. First thing first, each sock of this pack has the base material of cotton that is present here in the quantity of more than 80%.

The manufacturers have mainly focused on two major things of this pack; the first is the sweat absorption. Yes, here, these socks come with excellent sweat absorbing ability or moisture-locking capability. Talking about the second major thing that the company has focused on is the soft plus comfortable experience. It is the only pack of this list that offering the ten pairs of socks, and each pair is able to deliver an excellent and comfortable experience to the consumer. If we discuss the overall durability of the socks, don’t worry because the overall thickness of each sock is higher than average. This is the thing that making each sock of this pack rip free.

10. Champion Women’s Socks

Champion Womens Socks

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If you are a woman looking for the extremely durable women’s socks, wait, here on the last spot of this list, we have something special for you. Champion Women’s Socks are the special thing that we were talking about. And because of the higher polyester content of each sock, you can consider them as a very extreme level of the durable sock. According to the manufacturers, here you will get 97% of polyester material out of 100%. In our opinion, this seems an amazing thing to provide durability to the socks of this pack. Inside this pack, you will get two pairs of socks for women.

Other important features also present in these socks, such as sweat-wicking, odor locking, soft cushioning. In our view, all of these features are only present to enhance your overall experience with these socks. The best part about these socks that we like is the extra cushioning that is present on the heel and toe area. The Champion manufacturing company did this because these are the two main areas, from where the normal socks first starting rip off.

How To Choose The Best Socks – The Buyer’s Guide

We can completely understand if you are still wondering about the best type of socks to resolve the bad odor and sweat problems. This is why we have decided to put this fantastic buying guide on the topic of socks. Here we are going to talk about some very important points that every buyer should consider before buying any socks for sweaty and smelly feet.

  • Anti-Odor Properties/Antibacterial Properties

A buyer of socks who want to buy the socks to remove or prevent the bad odor especially should always consider this point. Before going forward to this point, we first want to clear all your doubts about the bad odor/stinky feet. So, many of you may have the same question as, “What makes feet stinky?” If you have the same question, then we want to tell you that when the feet start secreting the sweat, then usually bacterias start growing in that wet and sticky area. In the end, because of this bacterial growth, it produces a bad odor.

If you are buying the socks that can prevent bacterial growth, then to help you in this situation, here on this list, we have listed some excellent options. In our opinion, you should always go with the option that offers features such as silver ions, copper fused yarns, etc. To preventing bacterial growth.

  • Moisture-Soaking/ Moisture-Wicking

Other than the first point of this guide, if you find any socks option that can keep your feet dry and fresh. Then you can easily keep your feet free from any sour odor. For this, you should always need to choose an option that can soak the sweat or moisture. When you head over to the market, then you will easily find out that there are many brands present who are offering the socks with the features of moisture-wicking.

Basically, this feature ensures to keep the moisture or sweat away from the skin of the feet. Ultimately the goal of this type of socks is to bring all moisture on the surface of the socks. And after that, the sweat or moisture will automatically dispose of in the atmosphere with the help of high temperatures.

  • Breathable

If you are reading this post of socks with full concentration, then you may know that on this post, we have listed many options that offering the breathable design. Basically, here we are trying to address the mesh-like design of many socks on this list. Yes, there are many socks present in the market that comes with the mesh design. This mesh-like design is very helpful for the passing of the air.

Again you can also consider this point as a part of the previous moisture-wicking point. We are saying this because both features of socks are essential in the sweat-soaking or sweat vaporization. Not only this but usually, this type of socks comes in a very lightweight design too.

  • Versatility In Material

If you are searching for the socks for sweaty smelly stinky feet, then you may know about the versatility of material that these socks offer. But most of the time, the companies that offer these socks only prefer to use the cotton material in construction. It is only because cotton has a very high level of soaking ability. However, cotton plays a significant role in making the socks softer and comfortable to wear.

Another material’s constructed socks such as bamboo material, polyester, nylon material, etc. Also present in the market. Instead of softness, if you want a very durable type of socks, then you can look for the mix of cotton plus polyester too.

  • Cost

Different brands are offering the socks for sweaty smelly stinky feet at various price points. We know that some of you don’t want to invest a higher amount of money to buy just two pairs of socks. But believe us, this is not the case for you, because you are a reader of this post. And In this post, we have added several options that come at a lower price segment but still offer a great value as compared to the price.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can socks prevent the sweat and smell?

These particular kinds of socks are great for athletes and users who travel a lot. The socks are made with the utmost care with a unique combination of fabric that makes them comfortable and useful in the long run. Apart from the unique material, these socks are also incredibly lightweight, unlike the heavy fabric that is usually used in the sports socks.

So, if you are looking for an ideal pair of socks that can help your feet to stay dry and odor-free, you should once try these socks. Believe us, you are not going to regret the decision.

2. Are they reliable to use for long?

Yes. These socks are incredibly great for the long term. Instead, they are meant for long runs. These socks are easier to maintain, and if you are using them in the right way, they won’t need a replacement very soon. There is no such health issue that you should worry about while using these socks. If you are really looking forward to buying a reliable pair of socks that is easier to use, maintain and provide you a better value, you should once have a look at these specially designed socks that completely worth the money.

3. Are there any side effects using such socks?

These socks are like many other fabric socks available in the market, and unless you don’t keep them clean, you won’t have to worry about the health issues caused by them. And the best thing about these socks is that they are fairly easy to maintain too. SO, if you are looking to buy a pair of socks that you can wear during a long journey without worrying about the unbearable smell caused due to the sweat, these special socks will be an ideal deal for you to crack. So, start searching for the most perfect pair of such socks and get the best value for your money.

4. What are the key things we should keep in mind while buying sweat preventing socks?

The things that you should be looking for while purchasing these special sweat-proof socks are the fit and quality of the material. Make sure that you are investing in a good quality pair of socks that are easy to use and maintain. By choosing the right fit and reliable material for yourself, you can be assured of getting the best performance and better usability. So, instead of looking for the price, we will suggest you to have a look at the fit, reviews and material quality before buying these socks.

5. Are they worth buying?

Yes. These special socks are worth buying. Regardless of your profession, you need to have a pair of socks that can stay on your feet for a longer period without that stinking smell. These socks are made perfectly for saving your day when you need to look and feel great throughout the day. So, just try your hands on the wide range of sweat-proof socks and get going.


Are you feeling surrounded by different confusion to choose the perfect type of socks for your sweaty and stinky feet? If yes, then this is the post that you were looking for. We are very confident in this case because here we have listed ten best socks for sweaty smelly stinky feet of 2021.

If you are looking for the best socks to resolve the bad odor problem, then go through all the options of this list.