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10 Best Trail Running Socks 2023 [For Women & Men]

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Top 3 Picks

#1. MudGear

#2. EnerWear

#3. MirMaru

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If you are a runner, then you need to take care of your feet. We asked many runners about the things that most affect the running styles as well as the overall performance. In our view, if you are a professional runner, even if you are a person who loves running, then you will understand our points correctly. Other than selecting a perfect shoe pair for running, it is also pretty important for you to choose the right type of running socks. Right? Actually, running socks can easily make a difference, and you can notice that difference after using them. Excellent quality running socks are not only able to provide the next level of comfort, but these socks are also essential to provide proper support and a friction-free (natural) experience.

Best Buy Trail Running Socks Reviews

Some other running socks offer relief from uncomfortable pressure points plus the sweat and stinky feet too. So, if you are a person who loves to run miles on your feet, then it should be your first preference to do whatever is needed for better performance and comfort. If you have decided to buy the trail running socks for yourself, then we want to tell you that too much confusion is waiting for you. But this will not be going to be the case for you because you are the reader of this post. We are saying this because here we have displayed ten best-rated trail running socks of the year to resolve all those confusions.

1. MudGear Trail Running Socks


MudGear Trail Running Socks


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The MudGear’s Trail running socks are gaining a lot of popularity in the market. It is only because this particular manufacturer is providing what a running professional or even an average person want from a running sock. It was the main reason why we have decided to put this MudGear’s socks pair on the first spot on this list. A professional runner can understand how important it is to get natural in-shoe friction while running. It is the point that a runner actually wants on the next level in the desired trail running sock pair. Other than the better performance, this natural friction is also very helpful to prevent blister problems. So, if you are a person who doesn’t want to deal with blister’s problems in your feet, make sure to try this type of socks.

Now let’s take a look at what these MudGear socks are providing to you. First of all, these are the no-show types of socks, which means these socks will not cover the area upper than the ankle part of the legs. Most people who love running prefer to buy the no-show type of socks only. The materials that you are getting here are the premium quality of polyester and the spandex material. The thing to remember is that the manufacturers have provided 95% content as polyester, and the rest of them are spandex. So, in terms of the overall quality of these socks, you don’t have to compromise.

2. EnerWear-Coolmax Trail Socks


EnerWear-Coolmax Trail Socks


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EnerWear’s trail crew socks are only for people who want running socks that cover the upper area of the ankle. It’s because some people feel very uncomfortable while wearing the no-show type of socks. So if you are the same kind of person who doesn’t prefer the no-show or low-bulk socks, then you need to look at this option. So, on the second spot of this list, we have decided to add the EnerWear-Coolmax Trail Socks to maintain the variety of socks in this list. According to the manufacturers of these trail running socks, this pair of socks is only present for women’s uses only. The company has more focused on the comfort of the user while constructing these socks. If you are into the athletic field or if you are a runner,  you may know that many companies offer socks with better arch support, but they just ignore the comfort factor.

Yeah, it is true that the arch support is also to provide comfort to the user, but what about the cushioning of the socks. If you agree with us, then you should take a look at this spot of trail socks. The material that you are getting in these trail socks is Marino wool, which means you can expect a higher cushioning or comfortable experience from these socks. If you are a woman who loves to go for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering, and any other activities, you should try these socks. We are saying this because the company claims that they have constructed these socks, particularly for outdoor and harsh weather conditions.

3. Injinji Men’s Trail Crew Socks


Injinji Mens Trail Crew socks


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The Injinji Men’s Trail Crew socks actually come with a very comfortable design, and if you are a man who is looking for the perfect sock pair for running, then make sure to look at this option as well. There are many companies present in the market, and those companies offer great trail crew socks. But most of them just ignored the most important factor of the running socks. Yes, you got it right, here we are talking about the toe part and toe blister problem of the regular socks. It mainly happens because the normal socks, even some running socks, only come with the flat toe design. If you ask from a runner, is this flat toe design good for running? Then we are damn sure that you will get a negative reply from that runner. It is because the flat toe design is not that sufficient to provide proper grip and comfort to a user. If you are a person who doesn’t want to go with the simple running socks with the flat toe design, then this option is only for you. On the third spot of this list, we have added the Injinji Men’s Trail Crew socks. Again this one is another excellent example of the no-show type of socks, and here you will not going to find that flat toe design. It means these socks are able to provide the next level of natural experience while wearing them under the shoes. However, here you will get the mesh-like top as well, which will ensure to keep your feet dry while running.

4. Randy Sun Unisex Outdoor Socks


RANDY SUN Unisex Outdoor Socks


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In the last few years, many people are demanding socks, particularly for outdoor activities from well-known brands in this field. And you will be happy to know that the next spot of sock pairs are the result of that demand. So, on the fourth spot of this list, we want to introduce the RANDY SUN Unisex Outdoor Socks to all the readers of this post. If you are a person who loves to go for outdoor activities like hiking, ski, maintenance, etc., then these socks are a perfect fit according to your choice. The only reason is why we have added these socks to this list is because these socks are the ideal fit for outdoor activities to provide what a user wants from them. Sometimes it happens that when you are on the mission of exploring the wild or even going somewhere in a snowy area. Then it is normal that you got your feet wet. Right? But there is a fantastic solution present for this problem; we are talking about using these socks. It’s because the company claims that these socks are waterproof types of socks. And in the normal rainfall, or even if you are running/walking in the snow, then it will help you a lot. This thing is possible because of the premium content of each sock of this pack, so here you are getting the mix of nylon and polyester materials. It may be a surprise for many people that this mix is up to 80% of the whole material of a sock.

5. Balega Blister Resist Quarter Socks


Balega Blister Resist Quarter Socks


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If you are looking for the premium but excellent performance of running socks, then this is the one that we want to recommend to all the readers of this post. So, the Balega company has offered the most advanced technology and sturdy build quality of socks here. This manufacturing company has focused on all the major improvements that a user wants in the premium type of socks. As we mentioned earlier, these are the premium types of socks; this means you have to invest a bit of extra money in bringing these socks for yourself. First of all, the main feature of these socks that we want to mention is the material type or quality. Yes, here the Balega company has offered the superior quality of materials to make each sock robust and sturdy in terms of build quality. Other than this, the company has also focused on the major points like the heel part and the toe part of the socks. Usually, this happens most with the runners that their socks don’t last long because of the higher pressure on the heel and toe part. But to resolve these issues, the Balega company has tried a different approach. The manufacturers have provided the deep pocked shape in the heel part, which will help to reduce the overall pressure and tension on the fiber of this section of a sock. In addition, these socks also help keep your feet dry by the vaporization of sweat. This thing is possible only because of the vents that are present on the upper side of each sock.

6. MIRMARU Men’s Trail Running Socks


MIRMARU Mens Trail Running Socks


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The MIRMARU company is providing outdoor-oriented socks for men. So, if you are a user who is looking for the best cushioning as well as pressure points, pain reduction type of socks, then in our opinion, you should give a try to these socks on this list. So, on the sixth spot of this list, we have decided to put the MIRMARU Men’s Trail Running Socks in front of all the readers of this post. There are many points present to talk about these fantastic features of socks, but we first want to discuss the cushioning factor. Every outdoor activity lover person wants to take care of the feet, and he/she want the next level of comfortable experience. So, you also want the same, then do make sure to check out this particular option of this post. We are mentioning this here because the MIRAMARU company has paid special attention to this particular section of the socks. As a result, you can see that there are several areas present where the company has provided the extra and thick layer of cushioning. Let’s keep everything aside and talk about the cushioning spots that are present on the upper side of the ankle. These cushioning spots are especially present there to provide the best comfortable uses while going on for skiing. Not only this, but the overall layering of the whole sock design has a very thick layer of material for long-term uses.

7. HUSO Unisex Athletic Running Socks


HUSO Unisex Athletic Running Socks


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Most people usually prefer to buy a lightweight type of running socks because these socks can enhance their running performance. Besides the only running field, you can use this type of socks for other purposes as well. Here we are trying to address the usefulness of these socks in other outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, mountaineering, etc. So, if you are a nature lover who usually loves to do these outdoor activities, then it is essential for you to take a look at these socks. On the seventh spot of this list, we have added the HUSO Unisex Athletic Running Socks to provide you with one more valuable offer. If you have used the standard type of socks for running purposes, then you may have noticed the looseness after several uses. Right? If yes, then give a try this recommendation of this list. But thankfully, here you won’t be going to face the looseness of socks with this pack. We are saying this because here, the HUSO manufacturers have provided a higher elasticity of perfect-fitting athletic socks. The material of these socks plays a significant role in the perfect fitting as well as in the higher level of flexibility. Talking about the other important features that you can expect from this particular pack of socks, then firstly will want to discuss the moisture-controlling feature. The moisture-controlling is possible with these socks because here, you are getting the mesh-like and breathable type of fabric material. This type of material is very helpful to keep the sweat away from the skin; ultimately, you will get fresh, bad odor-free feet.

8. Swiftwick- Trail Running Crew Socks


Swiftwick- Trail Running Crew Socks


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Very few options present in the market are related to the socks that offer the proper athletic or running features. If you are looking for the lightweight but maximum durability of athletic socks, then here is the one option that you are looking for. On the eighth spot of this list, we are feeling glad to introduce the Swiftwick- Trail Running Crew Socks to all of you. Actually, Swiftwick is the most popular and reliable brand in this particular running sock’s field. When you first see the exact running socks of this spot, you will know that the layering of these socks is very thin. Still, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be going to get the max durability from these socks. Instead, the Swiftwick company has offered a great fabric material in these socks, and the thin layering of that material is easily able to provide a longer lifespan than you think. However, the mesh-like design of the whole socks also makes them the perfect fit for sweaty feet. Actually, this thin material layering of these socks makes them the breathable type of socks. It simply means that the air can easily pass through the socks; to support this breathability, the company has also provided the top section with a mesh-like panel. Talking about the toe and heel part of this pack’s socks, they don’t worry about it. It’s because the Swiftwick manufacturers already did that is important, and here we are talking about the reinforcement of the toe and heel section.

9. Drymax Trail Running Crew Socks


Drymax Trail Running Crew Socks


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We can understand that some of you may not want to invest a higher amount of money just to buy a single pair of running socks. Right? If yes, then in our opinion you should give a try to the Drymax’s socks pairs. So, on the ninth spot of this list, we have added the Drymax Trail Running Crew Socks to provide price point versatility. Here the Drymax manufacturers are offering the four pairs of running socks at the half price of the premium running socks. And do not try to judge these socks only by knowing the price point because there are some extraordinary features present that you can get with the premium options only. First of all, the overall look of these socks is amazing; this type of look is only possible because of the different color combinations. Here you will get the gray plus bright red color of combination, in our view, this looks actually great. In terms of durability and the overall quality of the socks, you won’t be going to miss anything. Talking about the fitting section, then you will be happy to know that the Drymax company has used 3D technology to give the perfect shape for better fitting.

10. Rockay Razer Trail Running Socks


Rockay Razer Trail Running Socks


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Finally, we are on the last spot on this list, but here we also have another good running socks’ variant/pack. If you are ready to invest a bit of extra money to get good and useful running socks, this is the option you were looking for. On the last spot of this list, we have decided to put the Rocky Razer Trail Running Socks in front of all the readers of this post. First thing first, the material that comes in these socks is the premium and recycled nylon material. The thing to remember is that here you will find out that the manufacturers have offered very fine fibers of the nylon to make the overall design lightweight. The company focused more on the design instead of just making it perfect for all the fields. If you analyze the design of a sock of this pack, then you will come to know how finely they have designed it. The best part of this design is that you won’t be going to face any fitting issues with the socks of this pack.

How To Choose The Best Trail Running Socks

If you are still wondering about the best option or suggestion related to running socks, you need to read this whole in-detailed buying guide on this topic. Here we are going to cover all the points related to trail running socks, and if you have any interest in buying these socks, then do make sure to check out the below-listed points.

Take A Look At Materials

Material is the only point that actually matters a lot while choosing the best type of socks, no matter if you are selecting running socks or regular socks. Many companies and brands prefer to use different kinds of materials for their main product, but some of them also prefer to use a mix of different materials. If you are a person who doesn’t know much about the materials of running socks, then the variety of materials can be a big confusion for you. Because you are reading this in-detailed buying guide for this topic, then this is not the case with you. So, if you are a person who wants to buy a comfortable type of socks with outstanding durability, then always make sure to go with the merino wool running socks. Instead of only comfortable socks, if you also want very lightweight with the higher durable option, you should consider the mix of nylon and polyester material.

Overall Design

Design is the only factor that actually decides the fitting of a sock. And because the running socks are all about providing better gripping plus the perfect fitting, then, in this case, it is important for you to choose the correct design. In the market, you will easily find out that many companies are offering different types of designs in their running socks. Most people usually just ignore the design section because they don’t know much about the importance of this section. But if you are a professional runner, then it is very important for you to choose the right design. If you are an average user, then according to us, you can go with any kind of design, but make sure about the excellent fitting. And if you are a professional athlete or runner, then go with the design that has been created with the help of 3D technology. We are saying this because 3D technology is very accurate technology to make a perfect design according to the foot size and shape.


Here we are adding the cushioning section separately because some of the people prefer to choose the highly comfortable running socks only. With the cushioning here, we not only mean the inner cushioning layer of socks. Instead, we are counting both inner cushioning and outer cushioning layers. If you are reading this post with full concentration, then you may know that many brand names are also offering the outer cushioning in their socks. So if you are going with a most comfortable and cushioning enabled sock’s pack, then do make sure to check out the thickness of the layering. Other than this, also take a look at the reinforcement of the heel and toe section for better and longer uses.


Finally, after taking a look at all the essential points, now it is time to discuss the price point of the sock’s pack. It is obvious that if you are going with the premium pack of socks, then you have to pay a bit extra as compared to the other normal running socks pack. But if you are dealing with the low-budget problem while buying the running socks, then this post can be the right solution for you. It’s because here on this list we have tried to add running socks on the different price points.

Trail Running Socks Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Benefits of Using the Trail Running Socks?

Trail running socks provide numerous health benefits apart from providing the users be extremely comfortable while running. You can easily avoid severe health issues like blisters and discomfort issues like excess sweat while running. So, if you were looking for a more reliable choice than normal sports socks, you should once have a look at the Trail Running socks. Believe us guys; you are going to love the comfort and support they provide you while running. With better support and exclusive design, the Trail Running socks are worth considering items for all the runners looking for an ideal pair of running socks for them.

2. Can Trail Running Socks be Replaced with Standard Sports Socks?

Sports socks are undoubtedly a great choice for the buyers involved in various kinds of sports. However, if you are specifically looking for a pair of socks that can help you perform better in the race and can help you improve your stability, the Trail Running socks would be the best choice to make. The Trail Running socks are designed in a special way to provide the runners the best-in-class comfort and support. So, if you do not have budget issues and want to have a special pair of socks for trail running, we will suggest you go with the Trail Running socks.

3. What makes the Trail Running Socks better for the Runners?

Though there are numerous positives about the Trail Running socks, the thing that makes it a better choice for hardcore runners and enthusiasts is the design and support. The Trail Running socks offer the perfect arch and ankle support. These socks are designed in such a way that they provide the users with the utmost comfort to the users and keep their feet dry throughout the run. So, if you are looking for a perfect pair of running socks for yourself, you should once try your hands on Trail Running socks.

4. Are the Socks Reliable for Longer Runs?

The Trail Running socks are meant for running. And by running, we also are referring to the long runs that often are done for practicing and enhancing the endurance level. The Trail Running socks are great for the runners, regardless of the type of run, Trail Running socks will be a perfect choice to go for. So, go through the different options available to you in the budget and buy a perfectly designed pair of Trail Running socks for yourself.

5. Are they Worth Buying?

With a better design, better health benefits, and a wide range of options available to the buyers, the Trail Running socks offer great value for money along with unmatched comfort. So, if you are after reliability and performance, you should not look any further than the Trail Running socks. With the special design and material, the Trail Running socks also deal with the various health issues caused due to long runs and prolonged exposure to sweat. In all, Trail Running socks are worthy enough to buy, and you should give them a try.


Are you feeling bored after scuffing your fingers on the mobile’s screen just to get some useful recommendations related to running socks? If yes, then this whole in-detailed post was all about you. Its because in this post we have filtered and listed the ten best trail running socks of the year, that you can buy right away. So, stop scrolling the internet and go through each option of this post to get what you were looking for.

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