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We understand the importance of privacy and information is more important now than ever. That is why we would like to spell out and make clear our privacy policy at Some data is collected from your browser while you are using the website. We have some interactive services on the website, and these use the information collected while you are using the site. We do not control the collection of cookies and other usage data, but only collect personal data after your consent.

The personal information that we collect from you includes Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Residential Address. During regular usage, we also track your cookies; Browser Used, Device Used, Time of Visit and other related data. In some instances, the hosts may also store the information about your IP Address. The main aim of the collection of the information is to offer you a better user experience and to collect the data for our analysis. The data also helps us understand our audience and their behaviour.

If the case, you are submitting your data, we may share promotional material with you. If you do not wish to receive these promotional emails, then you can write back and we will remove you from our audience list. If you want to restrict the usage of cookies, then you must edit the browser settings and restrict the privacy settings to a much more secure option. It should be noted that limiting the cookies will impact the performance of many websites. Some of the features may also be disabled because of this choice. The cookies are also used to display advertising. Be assured that we would not distribute your data to any third party.

Different types of cookies are collected while you are browsing the website. The cookies include advertising cookies, security cookies, preference cookies and session cookies. This site is not restricted to just these cookies. There can be other information picked up as well. We can also use the data for diagnostics on the website. Diagnostics can help us in troubleshooting the website. We try and ensure the safety of the website; however, we do not guarantee any leak of information due to any cyber attack. The data is also retained as per the local laws. The transmission of the data is as per the requirement, and we may even use an encryption key if the local law requires it. In case you need more information about the privacy policy or data transmission, please contact us, and we will answer your questions to the best of our knowledge.

If you do not agree to the privacy policy shared on your page, then we would request you to exit the page. If you continue to browse the website, then that would be considered as consent to collect the data from you.

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