Rules for Wearing Socks

The Must Know Rules for Wearing Socks

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Sock forms a very important part in helping to complete your casual as well as your formal look. While most of you pay little to no attention to the type and length of sock you are wearing, you would be surprised to know that an accessory as simple as a sock can completely change the style as well as the vibe that others get from you.

In this article, socksrecommend Team has listed down some of the most important rules that you should keep in mind while choosing and wearing a sock. It is an important accessory in your everyday attire which cannot be taken for granted. Do keep the following rules in mind the next time you step out to make an impression.

1. Color of the Sock

To begin with, it is important to understand what color should you chose for the sock that you wear. Most of us tend to match the sock color with the shoe. However, that is not the right approach. The color of the sock should match the color of the trouser. If you do not match the sock color with the trouser, you will end up looking very short. Most of the people want to keep all the three colors as different. That is permissible as well. Having said that, if you do decide to match, the color of the sock and the trousers should match.

Another important thing to be careful about is that a white sock is generally meant for sports events and activities. As per experts, you should avoid using white socks when you are not on the field. However, a few people find white classy and this rule has recently seen a relaxation with changing times and preferences.

2. Dress Socks

You might not be aware of dress socks. These are actually real and should be worn when you wear a dress shoe. Due attention should be given to the colors and the length of the socks that you choose. Usually, go for lightweight socks.

3. Do Not Roll Your Socks

If you do not want to look untidy, keep in mind to never roll your socks. Rolling socks is not at all appealing to the onlookers. Besides, it also makes your leg look quite heavy and bulky. If you think that the length of the sock that you have purchased is too high, invest in shorter ones instead of rolling them.

4. Socks and Sandals

While one of the rules in the traditional days was to not wear socks with sandals, this rule has been relaxed now. It is now considered okay if you are wearing socks with a pair of sandals. Many people have started accepting this trend as a new norm now.

5. Choose Socks As Per the Occasion

Different colors and styles of socks are to be worn on different occasions. As a general rule, experts prefer that socks with bright colors should be worn casually. On formal occasions, you should go for colors like black, navy blue, gray, and the likes.

6. Avoid Wearing Mismatch Socks

Well, many of you might think that wearing mismatch socks are a trend today. However, if you go by what the experts think, mismatch socks are not taken in a positive light. This should particularly be avoided when you go to work. Avoiding wearing mismatch socks on your first date is also advisable if you want to make a decent first-time impression.

7. Do Not Wear Socks To Bed

Wearing socks to bed have more cons than pros. The quality of the socks deteriorates to a great extent when you sleep with your sock on. Thus, the durability of the sock is reduced. If, for some reason however you want to wear socks to bed, keep a separate pair just for that particular purpose. For medicinal reasons, there are specific socks and you should stick to wearing only those recommended by the doctors.

8. Do Not Wear Socks That Have Holes In Them

Most of the people think that it is okay to wear socks with holes as they are always hidden beneath the shoes. However, you should avoid wearing them altogether. You definitely can make better use of your old socks. There can be instances when you might need to open your shoes and make your sock visible. You do not want to get embarrassed in such a situation. Similarly, get rid of socks that have threads coming out or have worn out.

9. Pair the Bright Colored Socks with Casual Pants

If you have colorful and bright socks, you can always pair them up with your regular jeans and chinos.Avoid wearing formal trousers with these though.

10. Long Socks

Another rule which many do not pay attention to is that the socks that you wear should be long enough to cover full ankles. If you are someone who likes to wear shorter socks, then you must make sure that your ankles are groomed perfectly. If not, you will face an embarrassment and project yourself untidy while sitting down. This is especially important when you are choosing socks for a formal occasion or meeting. Any type of skin show should be avoided on such occasions.

11. Always Wear Socks

As per a few experts, it is recommended that you always wear socks. Sometimes, you might want to skip wearing these. In such situations, wear trainer socks that are known to remain behind the shoe-line. It will not only help you feel comfortable but will also ensure that your foot does not elicit a bad smell out.

We are confident that after reading the above article, you will pay greater attention to the type of sock you are buying. This small yet important accessory can make or break your outfit or impression.

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