List Of Different Types Of Socks For Women

If you are a woman who thinks that socks are all the same, then we would like to address that you are wrong. Especially when you are a woman, you can find many types of socks in the market. Many of them may look similar to you, but if you look at them closely, you will realize that they are a little different. But that can still become a little confusing if you do not have a clear picture of different types of socks in your mind.

Socks generally help cover our feet so that we do not develop cracks and smells while we wear them under our shoes. But that does not end there. There is still a lot to know. Therefore, we decided to prepare a list of ten different types of socks for women. Each of these socks gives a different look and are used in different occasions. We have discussed everything in a very precise manner so that you can get all the details without having a mental fog.

Here is that list

Different Types of Socks for Women

Different Types of Socks for Women

1. Slip-on Socks

These are one of the few socks that never go out of trend. If you are tired of your socks showing up whenever you wear loafers, you should buy slip-on socks. They do not cover your entire ankle and act as a liner beneath your shoes. You can also wear them with your bedroom-slippers at home. Since they are thin, they are very easy to wash. You can wash them and hang them to dry. Drying will take less than half an hour if the weather is hot. These types of socks are also perfect for low cuts shoes as well as ballerinas. Wearing them won’t eat up a lot of your time as you only have to slip them up your feet. They also won’t make your feet sweat a lot inside the shoes.

2. Ankle Length Socks

Ankle length Socks, as the name suggests, come up to your ankles to cover them. They are different than the slip-on socks as they help in covering more of your feet. They are well suited to you if you own a lot of sneakers. Therefore, they are great for a casual look. These are unisex socks; therefore, men and women can both wear them. But did you know? You can also wear ankle-length socks with your formal outfits. Your leather shoes go pretty well with them. However, you have to take care of the color of these socks when you are going for a formal look. They will make you look stylish, tasteful, and sophisticated at the same time.

3. Quarter Length Socks

If you are someone who likes to cover a little more than just the ankles of your legs, then you should blindly choose the quarter length socks. These socks will help cover your shins. The coverage that these socks provide is exceptions. They help prevent cracks, shoe bites as well as blisters in your feet. You can use them occasionally when you are going out for a jog or a tennis session. Other than that, these socks can also be worn while rock climbing and camping. Mostly, we have seen women wearing these socks to protect their feet in winter. They help keep your feet warm because they inhibit the entry of cold wind in your shoes. You can use these type of socks for informal purposes.

4. Crew Length Socks

Apart from the quarter length socks, the other type of socks that women choose while winters in the crew length socks. These socks are well suited for physical and outdoor activities. Just like the quarter length socks, you can use them when you are out camping or jogging. The length of this type of socks may vary. This length range lies between five to eight inches. Therefore, these socks will cover most part of your calves. The coverage, as well as the protection these socks provide to their wearers, is truly exceptional. If the elastic of these socks go bad, you should replace them immediately; otherwise, they won’t help you keep your feet warm during winters.

5. Mid-Calf Socks

Before we mention the details about these socks, you would have already guessed that this type of socks covers half of your calves. Your guess is right. Other than covering your entire feet, these socks cover half of your lower leg, thereby keeping the muscles of your calves covered while you wear them. People wear these type of socks mostly when they are playing Tennis or Badminton. They are generally made using woolen material, but you can also find them made from cotton mixed with spandex. The latter version is more stretchable and gives you better movability. Additionally, we would also like to inform you that if you wish, you can also wear the sheer versions of these socks to wear under your brunch dresses.

6. Calf Length Socks

Not all women like to show their legs while they are doing intense training or playing sports. The calf-length socks will be a solution to them. We have seen many women buying these socks to wear under the skirts they wear while playing tennis. It helps them cover their claves in a better way. The amount of protection that these socks give is more than any other socks which we have listed above. Moreover, if you buy the calf-length socks made using some amount of cotton, then the socks will also help absorb sweat. Buying suck socks will also never irritate your skin or cause any redness. If you are an athlete, you should go for these socks without thinking. Just make sure that the elastic of the product is of high quality.

7. Football Socks

Women who play football specifically buy these socks as they help them to prevent any scrapes in their legs if they fall in the field. These socks are slightly thicker than the other so that they do not tear even when they get rubbed on the ground accidentally. They will never let you have scratches on your skin while you wear them. Go for a better and well-known brand when you are thinking of buying such socks. They will help you have the highest amount of safety at all times. They cover your entire calf as well as half your knees. This way, your knees will also remain protected. Other than that, these socks create pressure in the feet that is just enough for better circulation on blood.

8. Knee Length Socks

Who wants to feel the chilled breezes on their legs during the harsh winter season? These socks are manufactured to just prevent that situation at all costs. They are made using wool and knitted well so that they cover your calves as well as knees. Women wear them under their winter boots to keep their lower body warm. These boots may feel hard to some people, but when you have knee-length socks under them, the socks will act as a cushion to help your feet and calves feel soft. These socks are also a part of uniforms at some jobs, so they are often bought in bulk at such places of service. The extra layer of protection that these socks provide will impress you immensely. Buy these socks if you live at a place where you have extremely cold winters.

9. Thigh High Socks

These socks act like stockings under skirts if you buy a sheer version of them. However, you can also choose the opaque version of these socks. They help you cover your calves, knees, and half your thighs. These days many fashionistas have started incorporating these socks in their winter outfits. They look extremely classy when paired with the right outfits. Many companies have also started coming up with stylish and adorable designs of these socks so that they serve many purposes once you buy them. The trend of wearing these socks originated from Scotland. These socks are worn by them under their skirts occasionally.

10. Winter Socks

Not everyone wants socks to wear them out of their houses. Some women just buy them to have cozy self-care and pampering nights at their homes. After you bathe your feet might feel extremely cold, especially in the winter season. In such situations, these socks arrive as a rescue. They are made using thick wools to help you get your feet warm in just a few minutes. You can enjoy your soups and hot coffees in the bed while wearing them. They will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling whenever you wear them. They can also be worn under your slippers to roam around your house freely.


Above, we have mentioned various types of socks for women. Once you go through all of them, you will be able to know the ones that you need. Furthermore, you will also get the knowledge of pairing these socks with the correct outfits. No one wants to have an outfit malfunction. Therefore, as a woman, you must know such common things. If you think that there is a particular type of socks that you need right now, you can go shop for them easily. If you do not want to step out, you can also buy them online easily.

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