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Why Should You Never Wear Shoes Without Socks?

Most people wish to wear shoes daily. The working community has completely replaced flats & heels with shoes. Adapting this habiliment was considered healthy unless a strange habit was discovered. Wearing shoes without socks is just like dressing up without intimates. It might look fashionable, but deep down you are putting your health at risk. Have you ever wondered why every uniform makes socks obligatory along with shoes? There’s a substantial reason behind it! Experts are well aware of the health condition affecting foot when you are active all day long. Socks not only complement your uniform/outfit, but also take proper care of your attractive feet. We are listing down some reasons why one should never wear shoes without socks. After reading these points, we promise that you will never carry a shoe without socks.

  • Boosts up your sweat glands

Your feet contain numerous amounts of sweat glands. The exact figure is around 2,50,000! These miniature sweat glands can do a lot to your feet. When you are involved in your work, your sweat glands are already active. It can produce a sweat amount which equals to half-pint! Isn’t it wonderful how our feet accommodate so many glands? There are very few ways to stop the production of sweat. Therefore, the main target remains protecting our feet. Wearing socks with shoes provides an additional coating to shoes. When this habit is overlooked, the sweat penetrates directly into the shoes. The sweat also contributes to an offensive odor that is very hard to get rid of. Have you ever noticed how some people carry an obnoxious smell with them? We hope this thought is now cleared up in your minds.

  • Contribution of the shoe’s fabric

Have you ever brought this to your remark, why some shoe brands cost so much? Wearing shoes without socks becomes more terrible when you are using a cheap material. To clarify this point, let us take an example of two people. Both of them wear shoes without socks, but the first one wears ordinary shoes and the second person owns a shoe with a reputed brand. Can you guess who has to suffer a more serious injury? Yes, you are right! The first one has to deal with a more serious health condition. Cheap quality shoes are made from non-breathable fabric which does not allow proper ventilation. On contrary to this, reputed and expensive shoes allow early sweat absorption and drying. Irrespective of your shoe quality, it’s invariably recommended to wear socks beneath shoes.

  • It affects your ankles too

Wearing high rise and mid-rise shoes without socks can affect your ankles too! Yes, indeed, your ankles are also not spared. It irritates your skin and also damages the underlying tissue. This condition can be prevented by wearing socks beneath the shoe. Incorrect fitting of shoes can cause foot discomfort which can lead to serious conditions if remained untreated. It is estimated that people who wear shoes without socks are 70 percent less predisposed to foot conditions.

  • Microbes are ubiquitous!

Life has said to appear in mars and you are still wondering if microbes persist in your shoe! When you wear a shoe without socks, it deprives the barrier between shoe and skin. The accumulation of sweat inside the shoe gives rise to numerous disease-causing microorganisms. Sweat provides a humid atmosphere which accelerates the growth of fungal organisms. Fungus likes to grow in warm, moist, and dark environment. One such condition is an athlete’s foot that is commonly seen in people who remain sockless. This helps the microbes to penetrate inside the nails and invade it. In summer days, people tend to sweat more, some of them even suffer from hyperhidrosis. This condition can be avoided by changing the socks frequently and maintaining hygienic conditions.

  • Prevention is better than cure

We often hear this phrase, but do we entirely follow it? If you are not wearing socks habitually, you are advised to read this point carefully. It is straight and simple, wear socks now or suffer later. It is recommended by doctors to buy breathable socks that come with sweat-wicking fabric. This fabric helps to absorb sweat and transfers it to the outer layer of socks. In this way, your skin remains dry and moisture-free.  Doctors also advise to change the socks twice a day if you are a full-time worker. It is recommended to have two pairs of shoes to switch it every alternate day. This allows each pair of shoes to dry completely to remain fresh. If you follow these expert tips, you are less likely to develop any foot-related disease. This will save your time and treatment expenses, the choice is yours!

  • Serious health conditions

Going sockless might make you look fashionable, but at the cost of your health. Is it so necessary to sacrifice your health for fashion when you can do both at once? Ignoring this can cause you many serious health conditions such as tinea pedis, blisters, callus, corn, bunions, and plantar fasciitis. It can also deform bones, tendons, and ligaments permanently. Wearing shoes directly on barefoot causes inflammation and rashes due to sweat. If this problem persists for a long time, then it can give rise to irreversible conditions. It can even get so serious that you might need amputation.

  • Still want to go sockless?

We hope we have warned you enough about the cons of going sockless. If you still want to go sockless occasionally, here are few tips to follow-

  1. Wear a shoe of the right size.
  2. Don’t wear a single pair of shoes routinely.
  3. Wash your feet with antibacterial soap instead of scented soap.
  4. Sprinkle antibacterial powder on your shoe and foot.
  5. Wash the shoes frequently.
  6. Use air wicking socks instead of pure cotton.
  • Convinced enough?

We hope you are convinced. We have mentioned every possible point that you must know. Happy shopping!

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