10 Best Warm Socks For Winter 2021 [For Men & Women]

There almost zero people you will find on the earth who don’t love the warm feeling, especially in the winter season? We can get these warm feelings by muffle or enshroud some warm clothes around our body. But there are some of our body parts that usually lose body temperature faster than others. Yes, here we are mainly talking about the feet, according to some experts and doctors, people generally face common issues like numb feet during winter. It mostly happens because the feet’s blood starts getting colder than normal. And if you are a person who loves to explore or visit cold places like Alaska, Montana, Slovenia, etc.  Then it might be a severe problem for you because, in the numb feet condition, we can’t feel anything in the lower legs area. And if you are in a freezing place, then it may cause the frostbite as well.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, then you should always wear warm socks instead of wearing regular socks. Basically, warm socks can easily reduce the rate of losing body temperature via feet. So, it becomes crucial for you to wear and carry some warm socks pair with you while going to visit a cold place. Therefore we have decided to include ten best warm socks for both men and women in this post as a list.

Best Buy Winter Warm Socks Reviews

If you have any interest in buying the warmest socks for yourself, then definitely read this post until the end because we will offer a great value to each reader of this post.

1. Warm Socks By DG Hill

Warm Socks By DG Hill

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DG Hill’s warm socks are one of the best selling socks in the market right now. If you are looking for socks that can reduce the heat loss of our body, especially in the cold environment, do make sure to check out these socks instead of the normal ones. According to the manufacturers, these warm socks are seven-time warmer than regular socks. It is the main reason why the experts say that these socks are perfect for people who love to explore different places, especially the cold ones. The excellent warming performance of these socks is only possible because of the superb insulation that the DG Hill company has offered.

If we talk about the material of these thermal socks, then the manufacturers have already mentioned that these socks have contained a mix of three different materials. We want to let you know that here the primary material of these socks is the acrylic, which is present in a higher percentage of 93. Two other materials are the polyester and spandex; these materials work to make these socks elastic. Talking about the comfort factor, so here you won’t going to feel anything less in the comfort section. We are saying this because these socks come with the thicker cushioning, which not only plays a significant role in keeping your feet warm but also helps to provide the next level of comfort. This pack’s socks are beneficial to keep the moisture away from your skin; ultimately, it is quite essential to keep your feet dry but warm.

2. Crew Warm Socks By OKISS

Crew Warm Socks By OKISS

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If your goal is not to do any outdoor sports activities like skiing, then these are the warmer socks that can offer more value. OKISS’s this pack of warm crew socks comes at a very aggressive price point. In our opinion, the aggressive price point is a big reason why these socks are so popular in the online market. The manufacturers have tried a different approach in the material section, that’s why they have provided a unique but effect material mix in these socks. So, each sock of this pack has contained 35% polyester, 45% cotton, plus 18% of the rabbit wool blend. According to many experts, this type of material mix does provide not only good comfort but also offers excellent heat retention.

There is one more advantage present of this type of material mix and that advantage you will notice after washing these warm socks. Yes, you got it right, you can wash these socks directly through the washing machine, but the best part is that these socks don’t shrink after each wash. One more thing that these are the crew length of socks so you can’t use them for outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, etc. Talking about the fitting section, so here you are getting a comfortable fit of socks because of the great amount of padding that the manufacturers have offered here. We picked this particular pair of socks on this list because it looks just stunning, but in case if you don’t like this specific color combination, then don’t worry. It’s because the OKISS company has already listed more than six color combinations on the online stores.

3. Carhartt Warm Socks

Carhartt Warm Socks

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Carhartt Warm Socks seems a perfect option for those who have to do their regular day to day work even in the cold season. If you are also a person who is looking for a great option of warm socks to wear while doing your work or duty, in this case, this can be an excellent option for you. The main reason behind it is the material composition which the company has offered here. Here you will find out that the manufacturers have used 70% acrylic, 16% wool to maximize the overall insulation properties of these socks. And to make these socks more durable as well as to insert a bit of elasticity, the manufacturers have offered polyester, nylon, and spandex material mix as well.

You can consider these socks as a full length of warm socks, but the length is slightly less than the proper full length of socks. Length is not a point/reason, which for you neglect these awesome features of socks. To keeping each sock on the place after wearing, each sock got the elastic band on the top. Now let’s forward to the main points about the warm socks, which are the insulation and comfort. So, here the manufacturers have offered a thick layer of insulation; this thick layer also plays a significant role in offering good support to a user. Usually, the warm or thicker socks feel quite bulky from the ankle part, but this is not the case with these socks because here, each sock is offering an ankle vent to reduce the bulk.

4. Heat Holders Thermal/Warm Socks

Heat Holders Thermal

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The HEAT HOLDER manufacturers offer real value to their customers through this particular pack of socks. These are the crew length of warm or thermal socks, which comes with excellent qualities or properties. First thing first, the length of these socks is more than a crew sock’s length, but still, you can count these socks in the category of crew socks. These socks are famous because of the fantastic warm experience which these socks offer to the users. Not only this, but the best part about these socks that we liked the most is that they don’t lose the overall shape and size after each wash. In our view, we should give credit to the materials for each advantage of these socks.

Talking about the material section of HEAT HOLDER thermal socks, so first of all, we want to let you know that here the manufacturers have used the material combination instead of using a single material. 91% of pure acrylic material takes all credit for the insulation, warm experience, and moisture-wicking features. On the other hand, the nylon, polyester, and elastane take a considerable role in making each sock of this pack, elastic, non-shrinkable, each to wear, etc. The whole material composition also makes these socks very easy to wash, and the best part is that these socks don’t lose the color. If we consider the comfortable use of these socks, then many users wrote about the excellent comfort of these socks in the review section so that you can check out that.

5. Super Thick Wool Socks By Yoicy

Super Thick Wool Socks

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If you are looking for the thicker wool socks, then in our suggestion, you will not find the socks thicker then this option. Here on this list, we have added the Super Thick Wool Socks By Yoicy. No other socks are providing insulation like these socks because these socks come with very thicker walls. Besides the thick insulation, the material type also plays a considerable role in making them super warm during the winter. There are two primary materials that the Yoicy company has used are 30% wool plus 45% polyester material. Where the wool is mainly working as the primary insulation material, besides, the polyester is the material responsible for the durability of these socks.

Cotton plus the spandex material are also in the main material combo. The main work of these two materials is to provide comfort as well as the right amount of elasticity. So if you might be wondering to know about the weight of these socks, for more clarity, we want to let you know that these socks are very light in weight even after thicker construction. Ultimately the lightweight of these socks doesn’t feel too bulky after wearing these socks. Other than the main features, you might face a common issue with these socks, and that is about wearing down the shoes. So, if you want to wear these socks down your shoes properly, then do make sure to wear a bit larger size of shoes instead of the exact size of shoes.

6. Polar Extreme Thermal Socks

Polar Extreme Thermal Socks

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Like the name suggesting of this socks pack, these are the perfect socks for the extremely cold weather conditions. If you are somewhere out in a snowy area, then it should be your priority to take/wear a good quality of warm or thermal socks instead of regular socks. To offer a great value to our readers, here we have listed the Polar Extreme Thermal Socks on the sixth spot of this list. According to the Polar Extreme manufacturers, this is the sock pack where each sock is build-up with pure wool material. Wool material is not like pure cotton because the wool material doesn’t absorb the moisture like the cotton material. This is how the wool can work better as an insulation material in the socks than the cotton material.

The manufacturers have focused on the layering section of these socks as well, and as a result, you are getting this fantastic performance of thermal socks’ pack. Not only the thermal layering, but the cushioning layer is also quite essential to provide a comfortable feeling to the person who is going to wear these socks. This type of thermal socks can easily maintain the warm temperature until you get your feet wet. Talking about the wetness, so these wool material socks can easily keep the moisture away from the user’s skin. If you know about the heat transformation a bit, you may know that the moisture in the winters can easily abort the heat of the human body.

7. Dr. Scholl’s Warm Socks

Dr. Scholls Warm Socks

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If you are looking for the socks that can provide you warm feet plus they should look good, in this case, you should try this pack of warm socks. It is the pack of Dr. Scholl’s Warm Socks, and inside one pack, you will get two pairs of socks. These socks may look like very hard to wash and dry out the water. Right? But instead of getting too much time to dry, these socks can lose the adsorbed water more quickly when you put them into the dryer. Yes, you got it right, you can not only wash these warm socks into the washing machine but also you can use your regular home cloth dryer to dry out these socks after washing.

It may sound a bit interesting to some of you that the whole socks made from pure polyester fabric material. You can use these socks for home-use if you belong to a freezing place. If we talk about the insulation factor, the polyester material plays its role well to make each sock of this pack supremely warm other than the durability. If you have any doubts about the comfortability of these socks, we want to tell you that each sock of this pack comes with a fragile and very soft cushion. Ultimately, there are almost zero chances present that you find these socks uncomfortable to wear. Considering the style section, then there are a total of seven different patterns as well as color combinations present, so you can easily choose any of them according to your personal preferences.

8. Soft Thick Warm Socks By MQELONG

Soft Thick Warm Socks

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Soft Thick Warm Socks By MQELONG are offering you the freedom to wear the excellent quality of thick warm socks while having low budget issues. If you also have a strict budget to buy the warm socks, this is the pack that we have added on this list. Here you are getting five pairs of thermal socks at the price of fewer than ten bucks. But it doesn’t mean that you are buying a worse quality of warm sock’s pack. Instead, here you are getting above average quality, which is quite reasonable according to this price point. The material combo that the MQELONG manufacturer has offered here is also pretty impressive for us. As the core materials of each sock here, you are getting 40% acrylic and 43% polyester material. In short, these socks have higher insulation properties, and because of the polyester material, these socks will last longer than you think.

These are the crew lengths of the warm socks by the thing to remember is that these socks cover the upper ankle part as well. However, if you are looking for the budget section of warm socks for skiing, please do not select these socks. We are saying this because these socks don’t come in the full-length design, which makes them imperfect for skiing. Still, there is one thing where these socks are competing with the premium type of warm socks, and here we are talking about the non-shrinkable properties even after several washes.

9. Color City Super Thick Warm Socks

Color City Super Thick Warm Socks

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On the ninth spot of this list, we have another very cheap price point of warm socks. This time we have included the Color City Super Thick Warm Socks on this list. If you don’t want to spend a higher amount of money just to buy a single and premium pair of warm socks, you should give a try to this pack in this situation. It’s a guarantee that after purchasing this Color City’s warm socks pack, you won’t regret your decision. We are very confident here because these socks can easily offer a great experience to you at this type of aggressive price point.

Almost similar amounts of cotton, wool, and polyester material make these socks very balanced in the overall performance. The length of each sock is a bit impressive; you can wear these socks while doing day to day tasks. You can also use these socks while exploring or visiting a cold place because these socks offer good insulation. When you flip a sock from inside out, then you will come to know that each sock has the fuzzy inner layering. This type of layering works as the cushioning to provide fantastic comfort to a user.

10. Darn Tough Crew Warm/Thermal Socks

Darn Tough Crew Warm

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Sometimes, it happens when you get the blisters’ issues because of the inconvenient shape of the socks and a higher amount of moisture. If you are afraid of this kind of common problems, then make sure to check out this pack of thermal socks. ON the last spot of this list, we have added the Darn Tough Crew Warm/Thermal Socks. Talking about the advantages of using these socks, firstly, we want to discuss the perfect fit design you are getting there. Over the years, many people purchased these thermal socks, and most of them find these as the ideal fit for them.

Mostly the blister issues happen because of the tight fit of the socks when you wear down the shoes. Here the Darn Tough manufacturing company has mainly focused on the perfect fitting design. For some of the readers of this post, this pack of thermal socks may seem like a bit experience than the others, but here you are getting the superior quality. And it’s a guarantee that the price point of these thermal socks will fade away in front of the usability and comfort of these socks.

How To Select The Best Pair Of Warm Socks

Before going with any particular pair of warm socks, you should always consider some essential points. Our main goal to list this in-detailed buying guide is to share some important points which every user should consider before making any purchase decision related to warm/thermal socks.

  • Material Type/Combination

It is the primary point that you should look at before buying any warm socks because there are too many varieties present in the material section. Mostly, the good warm socks come with the material combos. But still many of you might be wondering about a common question: which type of material combo should we go with? Right. We simply want to clarify that if any socks making manufacturer is offering a higher amount of acrylic or wool material, then definitely choose that particular option.

And always make sure to ignore the warm socks which come with a higher amount of cotton material. There is a strong reason behind it, and that is the cotton material has moisture-absorbing properties. In other words, the cotton doesn’t provide excellent insulation because the moisture can fastly decrease the human body temperature.

  • Cushioning

Other than the insulation, the cushioning factor of warm socks also plays a significant role. If you have chosen a warm socks pair that mainly focuses on insulation instead of comfort, then believe it or not, but your experience with that particular warm socks is going to worse. If you do not want that this happens to you, consider the cushioning factor before making the buying decision related to thermal socks even when you are buying regular socks.

In our suggestion, you should always try the thermal socks option, which offers you the maximum possible thicker cushioning from the inner side. It will be good if your desired socks come with the fuzzy inner cushioning.

  • Washable Or Not

If you are a homemaker, then you may know that the regular socks usually start getting shrunk after each wash. It mostly happens because of the strange material combo of the socks. If you want to neglect this type of issue, you should always keep an eye on the section where the manufacturers mention washing the socks pair. In our recommendation, you should always consider this point, and in case if any user is reporting in the review section, especially about the shrinking issues. In this condition on you should skip these types of socks.

  • Cost

It completely depends on whether you want to invest your money on a higher price of premium thermal socks. But if you are dealing with strict or low budget issues, then we can understand how hard it is for you to choose the best warm socks from limited options. Thankfully, this is not going to happen with you because here we have specially picked all the ten best warm socks options after considering different price points.

Warm Socks Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a warm sock, does it offer the benefits as heard?

As far as we know, warm socks are one of the most warmest thermal socks available on the market today. While they are just regular socks, they come in an entirely different design. Most people who have used these socks have mentioned it to be the best warmest sock they have used.

2. How does warm sock work? Do they have electrical parts or anything of such sort?

Warm socks are also known as heat holders, and this must be one of the reasons you could have come up with this question. A warm sock does not have any electrical or electronic parts; it is just a regular sock, which is designed in such a way that it could hold more heat in its interior. All warm socks come made of a three-stage process, an advanced insulated yarn on the exterior and long loop thermal pile inside, which is intensely brushed. This setup traps heat generated by the body and keeps your skin warm for more time.

3. Is there anything different about washing warm socks?

No, as of now, cleaning warm socks is as simple as washing other socks. However, it is vital that you do not bleach, dry clean, iron, or wash it inside-out.

4. Would warm socks make your feet sweat?

Yes, of course, these socks would make you sweat, but the user would not feel sweaty as the socks are made of acrylic yarn that would absorb the sweat with ease and, therefore, keep your foot dry.

5. Like regular socks, warm socks are available in different sizes?

Yes, like regular socks, the warm socks are available in different sizes and even based on the warmth levels. You must know that most commonly warm socks are available in long, ankle, and crew lengths.

6. How do we find the warmth offered by a warm sock?

The answer is simple; Tog Rating denotes the warmth offered by a warm sock; if the rating number is high, the warmth provided would be high, and as the number decreases, the warmth provided would decrease.

7. Size of warm socks and normal socks are different? If so, how?

The size of warm socks is somewhat different from regular socks; here are the sizes and suitability.

  • Small size –

For men – 4 to 8

For women – 5 to 9

  • Large size

For men 7 to 12

For women 8 to 13

  • Extra large

For Men 13-15

For women – almost the same

8. Is there anything different about using warm socks?

Yes, like regular socks, you should not wear warm socks without footwear. Even inside a room or smooth floor, you must wear footwear. Warm socks could tear if used without footwear. This does not mean the socks are not thick; it merely means that the socks are designed so that it cannot offer its benefits only if worn with footwear.


If you feel tired after scuffing your finger on the smartphone’s screen, you don’t need to continue your research to get some suggestions related to warm socks. It’s because in this post we have picked ten best warm socks for both men and women, we have selected these options after considering some essential points in mind. In short, this post will help you to make a firm buying decision related to thermal or warm socks.