List of different types of socks for men

List Of Different Types Of Socks For Men

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Socks have now become an inseparable part of our couture. They help make an outfit and sometimes even take it to the next level. You got to wear different types of socks with different outfits. But that is not their only use. People also wear them while they go for a jog session or do physical activity. Sports activities require a particular type of socks to be worn by the players so that they feel the right amount of pressure on their feet. The main reason why socks are worn is that they help protect our feet from the painful feeling that some shoes many give.

They also help feel the feet warm and free of cracks. If you own the right set of socks, you will never experience the bad luck of a broken outfit. There are many options for socks in the market; therefore, one needs to know their types as they go on buying them. If they don’t, the socks will just become useless. With an upgrade in fashion technology, people should also understand which socks they should pair with a particular outfit. They should also have the knowledge of knowing what to pick as socks for physical and sports activities. Below we have brought a list of different types of socks for men. You will come along with numerous versions which are discussed in brief so that you can understand their uses. Let us start learning about them one by one

Different Types of Socks for Men

1. Slip-on Socks

Generally, slip-on socks are worn under loafers. Men like to pair them with their casual outfits as these socks do not peep out from their shoes. From the outside, it almost looks as if the person is not wearing any socks. However, they indeed are. These socks won’t cover your ankles but will surely help absorb the sweat and salts that your feet release. If you wear them, the socks will help in preventing the growth of bacteria that may cause infection in your feet. Also, these socks won’t let your feet or shoes feel smelly once you take them off. They are made using very soft fabric often mixed with cotton. You should wash them frequently to maintain them. They get dry pretty easily. However, whether or not you can wash them in washing machines completely depends upon the brand of socks you choose. Buy slip-on socks to get the sleekest outfit pairings.

2. Ankle Length Socks

Who does not know about ankle-length socks? They came in trend a few years ago and completely took over the sock-market. You can wear them with casual as well as formal outfits. They will look good with jeans as well as pants. Other than that, they will suit with sneakers as well as leather shoes. However, the color of these socks matters a lot. We suggest you buy neutral colors if you want them to pair with your formal dresses. If you are going for an all casual look, you can choose the color according to the color of your sneakers. We have seen bikers match the socks with the color of their biker jackets. If you are one of these biker men, you can do that too. These socks will also go well with Oxfords as well as boat shoes. They will help you put together an urbane look with exceptional ease. They cover your entire feet and hence will help prevents cracks and blisters.

3. Crew Length Shoes

These shoes are worn by people who run ships and boats. Hence, they have got the name – crew length socks. The length of these socks can be anywhere from five to eight inches. Therefore, they will help in covering at least one-fourth of your calves. That area will never get tanned in any situation when you are out in the sun. You can wear these shoes when you are out on the beach in winter. You can also pair them with the Bermudas for that dapper and astonishing look. Additionally, these socks provide incredible protection from dirt. Therefore, you can also wear them if you are out camping or playing sports such as cricket. You can also wear them with formal dress shoes as they will remain under your long pants. These socks are generally chosen over ankle-length socks by people who like keeping their feet warm and fully covered. These socks prevent the entry of cool air in feet and are great to be paired with formal shoes.

4. Quarter Length Socks

Next, we have included the quarter length socks here. These socks help in covering the shins of the wearer. This means that they cover more than just the ankles. When it comes to avoiding blisters in feet, these socks are just the best. They help create a cushion between the back of the feet and the shoes. Therefore, you will never suffer from shoe bites. They come in stretchable as well as non-stretchable versions. You can choose whatever version you like more. You can wear them with trousers and pants. They will help you have a posh and sophisticated look every time you wear them. People like wearing quarter-length socks when they are out at the gym. These socks help absorb sweat without making your feet feel too hot and burning. To get a professional look out of these socks, you should match their color with the color of your pants. This way, they will blend in a better way and your whole look with look fluent.

5. Mid-Calf Length

The mid-calf length socks are supposed to cover your feet and half of your calves. They are generally chosen by avid players of tennis and badminton. However, people who love running and jogging also pick these socks voluntarily. The socks help compress your feet and calf muscles at the same time. This way, your leg has excellent blood circulation while you are moving. You will never complain of mild feet pain once you are wearing these socks. The protection they provide is more than all the socks we have mentioned above. You should always select the right size of these socks if you want them to last for a long time. If you are buying them for wearing during intense training, we suggest you buy the version, which is excellent in absorbing sweat. If you do this, you will prevent rashes as well as skin irritation in all situations.

6. Calf Length Socks

If you are a man who likes covering his entire calf, then you should buy these long calf-length socks. They are worn mainly by tennis players only. They pressurize the calf muscles so that the player could run swiftly. Other than that, many people also choose them as they offer better warmth than other regular socks. Therefore, in winter you can wear them under your trousers to help keep your entire legs warm. Don’t shy away from buying them as they can prove to be exceptionally useful when the weather is extremely cold. You can wear them under your boots when you go skiing. They will also serve as football socks if the fabric used in making them is thick. Thick fabrics will help prevent any scrapes in the skin while you play football on the field. But that does not mean that your knees will also remain protected as these socks do not cover your knees.

7. Knee Length Socks

Thick knee-length socks are the first choice of men who play football. Other than providing the best compression, these socks also help the player has excellent protection. He does not develop deep scars and scrapes if he falls and fumbles in the field. As these socks cover the claves as well as the knees, they are well suited for professional players of soccer. Players who play rugby also wear them underneath their trousers. If you do not want the socks to be thick, you can also go for the thinner version. These versions are more elastic as they have a considerable amount of spandex and elastin in their material. Even when they stretch, they still create pressure in the calf muscles so that the player could run well. Buy these type of socks from a reputed brand to make them last a very long time. You should also follow the care instructions of these socks to maintain their structure and fit.


We are positive that you must have found our list helpful in little or greater ways. We tried to describe each type of socks in detail so that you could understand their uses and benefits at the same time. Even when one is busy, he can skim through the details very easily. Once you are done reading, you will surely be ready to purchase the correct socks whenever you go out shopping. Knowing the correct usage of socks can help you mix and match different outfits. It will also help you take your fashion game to the next level. You can also go through many e-commercial sites if you are not able to find the right type of socks in the market. Once you do, the socks will arrive at your doorstep. Athletes and sports persons can also take huge benefits from our list as we have also included socks-options from them here. We hope that you create your personalized socks-set soon.

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